Sunday, 27 June 2010


i'm such a bad blogger!!!!!!!!!!

i didn't blog about the uk election (not too thrilled with the con/dem coalition government, but they're doing a decent enough job so far), i haven't blogged about any music festivals (but i will watch them on the tv :3?), i didn't blog about my trip to poland (covered in weird brusies and bites), i didn't blog about my exams (which is for the best, to be honest)

so now that we've covered that, i can get back to using this blog to tediously rant about nothingness. excited?

one last thing: i was watching question time last thursday, and they're seemed to be a big upset that the age of receiving the basic state pension has been pushed back. am i the only person that isn't bothered by this? i don't plan to rely heavily on my state pension (the word basic would usually put people off pegging all their hopes on it, but apparently some people are excited about living on £5,000 a year).
do you want an opinionated, stroppy 16 year olds advice? no? too bad. take out a private pension, or pay into an occupational pension. do not (and i repeat DO NOT) put all your hopes on your state pension. you'll be very disappointed.

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