Wednesday, 14 April 2010


it's been a while since we've just talked, blog we never just talk anymore.

i've been off school for nearly 2 weeks now and the closest i've came to studying was copying out a few pages of a modern studies essay thats so long overdue it probably doesn't even matter anymore. last year i made this big promise about how i'd become more organized this year, and clearly that hasn't happened, i'm still lazy as ever. yay for never changing! yay for procrastination! yay!

it's also just hit me that ugly betty has been cancelled. i remember reading months ago on wikipedia that it was being cancelled, but i wasn't really bothered. i was on their wiki the other day though to try to find out when series 4 comes out over here since it has fucking been FOREVER (apparently it's "unsure" when it's coming out, incase you were wondering)
hardly anyone seems to have watched ugly betty, let alone are still tuning in after 3 years. i've never been sure why ugly betty seems to be so unpopular here. maybe they would find it more interesting if they knew more about american culture? i don't know....
i'll be sad to see it end though. i laughed at betty when she first applied for the job and fell off the swivel chair, i screamed at charlie when she stole henry from betty and lied about her baby being his, i cried when bradford died and i hated wilhelmina when she stole his dead sperm and helped alexis get a sex change (i was so sure that it was actually fey summers!)
i lived through betty struggle through her socially awkward life at mode, i lived through connor stealing all the money from the company, i was there during the aftermath of santos' death (the first episode where hilda is dreaming that he's still alive was cruel, it had me in tears), i love ugly betty! and i'll be so sad to see it go :(

other life-related things:

  • i completed pokemon soul silver, so now i have nothing to do
  • my room refuses to stay clean, so i keep it happy by not cleaning
  • waiting for glee to start back up here is killinggggg me
  • i've gotten strangely obsessed with the tim urban version of 'all my loving'

  • i've gotten extremely/stupidly (delete as necessary) obsessed with the 2010 general election. i won't say who i support so to not ruffle feathers

guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess

  (the lib dem manifesto is the best. just saying...)
well blog, that's me. i'm away to start getting ready to go for a bike ride cause today is purrrrrrdy and i want a bath because i have a cold. bye bye love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 April 2010




tangerines, tea, tv, twitter, tinkerbell, turtles, telescopes, trees, the 3 musketeers, thirteen (favourite number), the temper trap, there for tomorrow, taking back sunday, tabloids, tigers, tomatos, teddy bears


i don't even know where to begin when i think about how much i fucking love that place. people usually think it's kind of weird why i love texas, seeing as it's "full of cowboys and indians and rolling plains (like a real life, 21st century 'little house on the praire')". it isn't like that. AT ALL. 'how do you know?', you may ask? well i only spent a good 5 years there, sooooooo yeah. maybe i don't love it because of how it is, with giant, 200-store malls, 23489723 mcdonalds round every corner, an almighty heat, tornado's aplenty (which are NOT as scary as they are made out to be btw. plus they look so fucking cool from a distance!)

i love texas so much becuase i feel like i grew up there, it's where i spent my childhood. (cue the obsession with pokemon, starting with pokemon yellow & a hot pink gameboy color from costco when i was 6, catching crickets at recess and putting them in our empty lunchboxes to take home after school, tornado drills [half the class hide under their desks, the other half + the teacher hide in a cupboard, watching the news instead of working while 9/11 happened, and half of us started to cry because the "movie was too scary", purposely wanting detention so we could read inside in a freezing cool hall for half an hour instead of melting outside in a shadeless and baren playground, banjo kazooie sleepovers, having my first kiss with this kid called austin who i've forgotten what he looks like now, feeling like natalee's house was my second home, movies 14, culvers, coca cola slushies, making a plan to meet everyone at tu when we're 18, arriving in texas for the first time ever when i was 4 or 5 and having a limo waiting at the airport for me, my little brother and my mum with my dad inside [me and my brother were less excited about the big car and more excited about the minnie & mickey mouse cups he got us with crazy straws], arriving at our new house and running for the ginormus back yard, being convinced that in 1 of the 234734908 ant piles there contained flick and all the other ants from 'bugs life' [the in-flight film that we'd just seen and LOVED], my brother convincing me that if i stick my hand in i'd pick flick up, thinking it was a good idea to stick my hand in a pile of fire ants and, obviously, screaming and crying mere seconds later at the sheer amount of ants which had sunk their creepy little jaws into my hand [i had ant bites ALL. OVER. my hand for the next 2 weeks], spending an entire 48 hours obsessively playing zoo tycoon then never playing it again, breaking 2 bones, camp champions, people asking me to 'say something in scottish' when i still had a scottish accent, going over to rhiannon's house and pretenind to be a vamporeon in her pool, when me and natalee stayed up all night when pokemon ruby/sapphire was released and i fell asleep the next day in the cheesecake factory, going to countless birthday parties at chuck-e-cheese & that bowling place that i've forgotten the name of [the main event i think?], going to silver leaf villages and hating it, going to little rock and hating it, going to san antonio and loving it, when i got lost in the space center in houston, playing at the beach in galveston, loving the rainforest cafe, when a papa john delivery woman crashed into our car and me and anthony shouted 8 year old & 5 year old abuse at her and our neighbour driving past in his car at the exact same time and taking us back to their house, playing with peper and jesse every day after school [MARIO PARTY 5, MARIO SUNSHINE & SHREK PARTY BABY], NRH20/six flags [and getting lost on the way to NRH20 but finding directions on the christian rock channel, when me and natalee found that tiny, dried up river with these weird tadpole fish that had lights inside them, having my dad read the first 3 harry potter books to me then getting bored of harry potter and having him read me the pokemon crystal walkthrough, watching dragon tales with leanne, radio disney, 'the kids korner', every single day the last summer we were there me and my brother would wake up at the same time, watch regis and kelly with my mum, go to walmart and she'd buy whatever, me and anthony would get a neopet toy from the mcdonalds there and crying because he got a starry paintbrush when i didn't, cluser *gag* [i hated cluster with every being in my body], liking a boy in my class so much i physically couldn't talk to him, when trenten shouted 'DUCK!' and i fell out of a tree and winded myself and he had to run back to his house, while natalee cried over me, and dragged me back in a wagon back to their house, when nelly had puppies and me and natalee would sneak downstairs for dr pepper and nerds and sit with the puppies for hours, trying bloody mary every single day after school and it never working, using a old box as a desk when i was in 2nd grade and pretending i was a business woman [i would lay out paper, pens and my old barbie phone], every day after school, me and anthony would have a cookie, a capri sun and get pringes and crush them together in the same bowl and eat them while staring up at the tv watching pokemon, playing the cap'n'crunch game with the little fuzzy things that had to eat other fuzzy things when i was sick, staying home from school pretending to be ill so i could go out with my mum, brother and people visiting us to the set of dallas [i've been there fuck knows how many times], joining a swimming club with rhiannon but then quitting cause someone told me that a girl drowned at the deep end of the pool and if you go over to that end she'll swim up and drag you down with her, having nightmares of harry potter and the chamer of secrets [i dressed up as a witch for that], pokemon flashing shoes, having a stutter when my accent was changing for a good month, mixing lucky charms and coco pebbles, hank haney, making a cat at the build a bear factory and telling everybody HOW it was ironic, being a girl scout and selling cookies outside kroger for hours on end, going camping with girl scouts, hating a girl who's name i've completely forgotten now because had more of those sew on patches than me, relay for life with natalee and wandering around the pitch with her at 3 am [while people's  stalls were stil set up etc.] and talking about deep stuff, for us, at least, when i got my talking pikachu and pokedex, and insisting that i would never ask for anything again ever, the beach club[!], being frightened of the pirates of the carribean adverts so i had to sleep with the lights on and my cinderella radio blaring, eating at tgif all the time, always ordering the same thing and never eating it because i felt sick after i ate the strawberry apple sause, when i got geckos, kept them in the tank i bought from the discovery channel shop and having lesley take me to pets r us to buy them crickets, scaring the hamsters/gerbils at pets r us with my gengar toy, our 8 foot christmas tree, my huge beanie baby collection, hating yugioh, the 4 leaf clover cookies at bennigans, falling out of my seat at the olive garden, having a baskin robbin every sunday after church, and crying when my dad finished my 'shrek sunday' [he bought me a new one the next day, but the moment was gone], having frappicinos with natalee, my n64, sam moons, dip n dots, frozen lemonade, rough riders games, when i found a raikou during p.e. and i was deleriously happy, when i broke my ankle and my p.e. teacher just ditched me, using my mums old sprint cell phone, drive by krispy kremes, market street, the old gym my mum went to that had the creche, and my and anthony tried not to talk to all the weird kids there and mind our own business, but they ended up stalking us anyways, strawberry milk, nerds ropes, mountain dew, cherry coke/vanilla coke/orange coke, when i spent weeks begging for a kite, but i broke it on the way to the park, obsessing over the salem witch hunt, obsessing over the wishbone version of  romeo and julliet, quizznos, having to write in cursive for school, the sheer heat of mckinney, when there was meant to be a tornado hitting our town, but instead it hit the town next to us, and our whole neighbour hood stood outside watching the tornado, halloween being absolutely incredible, neopets, disney online and old cartoon network games, pokemon beanbags, pokemon shoes, pokemon pjs, pokemon duvets, pokemon bags)

there is SOSOSOSOSO much more and if you've read all of this (which isn't even half of the stuff i done there) then  pat yourself on the back