Sunday, 28 March 2010


it's always around marchish where the days begin to draaaaaaag in: 2 weeks off in april are just around the bend, study leave follows soon after, then it's summer for 6 tedious, rainy weeks. and all i can do is think about it and think about it and think about it.

to keep me sane throughout this time though, i have lots of favourite things.

this march, i have:

  • gotten OBSESSED with perle de lait yogurt. in particular, their coconut yogurt. i seen the advert with the french girl, and the way that she said "co-co noot" made me want to constantly rewind those 2 seconds and watch them continuiously (i must be a marketers dream). after getting over that fun, i bought 21472349823 4 pack cartons of said yogurt, and i think it's now my favourite yogurt: since you don't get boston cream pie yogurt here
    (i said "yogurt" 5 times in that bullet point)
  • tried to drop biology at school because my teacher is a ____ _____, but i can't use that as an excuse to give up. so i sit at the back trying to repress my anger
  • passed all the nab's i had to pass :)
  • probably pissed off my liver a few times
  • managed to spend £80 on fuck knows what ('fuck know what' being 2L bottles of juice, bus/train fares, perle de lait yogurt, pens and things that i genuinely don't know)
  • watched an insane amount of tv (skins [the finale was shit], glee, coronation street, question time, family guy, under cover princess/snog marry avoid , never mind the buzzcocks, 8 simple rules, mock the week, summer heights high, etc etc etc)
  • seen leap year! every time matthew goode kissed amy adams, me and lauren shouted at the screen. then died a little inside.
  • seen alice in wonderland in 3D! tbh the hype wasn't worth it. the storyline was a bit disappointing. i only really liked the parts where there were flashbacks to 6 year old alice
  • eaten so many mint aero bubbles that i'm expecting to turn into one

i've also gotten a bit obsessed with mad libs. i always try to find people who i can talk about interesting mad libs with, but no one seems to know what they are and they just look at me with the worst look on their face when i badly try to explain what they are. maybe i'm just immature, but i think mad libs are absolutely brilliant. i really love it when you end up with a tres funny story in the end

how can you fill out a mad lib and not love it?

ps - let me be the first to tell you to stop fucking unaccuratly rambling on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about pokemon soul silver & heart gold. yes, pokemon is fantastic. but at least spell the pokemon's fucking names right. i hate you. bye bye.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

scorpio checklist

(i'm not even going to begin to apologise for not blogging in god knows how long)

i don't know about you, but i think that occult things such as horoscopes and palm reading are incredibly cool. not 'cool' in the sense that 'everyones doing it so it's "in"' ("in" being one of the least used terms in my vocabulary), but in an interesting sense. criticise all you like, i won't change.
so i was lying on my bedroom floor, hurling things from underneath my bed to try to find something interesting (as you do) and i found all these little momentos from the chinese new year in london 2008 (i think) and i started thinking about my star sign: SCORPIO.

so i knew that "all" scorpios are

  • moody (check)
  • protective (check)
  • jealous (BIG check)
  • self-destructive (check)
  • quick tempered (check)
  • investigative (check)
  • insulting (check)
  • thinks of flattery as insulting (check)
  • enjoys a fight and intends to win (check check oh & check)

but there are LOADS of aspects that are apparently "important/crucial/etc" about scorpios that i had no idea about. for example, apparently scorpios 'true meaning' is to learn selfless love. i have no idea what that means, apart from it would be difficult for me - i don't even know what 'love' is in a romantic way to be able to know an unselfish love (i'm a selfish person, so sue me), apparently scorpios are obsessed with financal gain, inheritance, etc. which for me at least, is incredibly accurate. scorpios can apparently be posessive (again, another truth for me)
scorpios are also said to be secretive, not just with their thoughts/feelings, but with minut things. this is verrry true for me. i absolutely hate it when i'm asked to confess how i feel for someone, unless it's a negative feeling i have for them, then i have no problem being a bitch (yet another scorpio trait)
scorpios are said to be intolerant, and i'm assuming this is meant in a "short tempered" sense, which is SOSO true. see, if you were to pick apart my personality, you'd find the worst traits possible in a human all rolled into one vindictive, obstinate, bitchy person (vindictive + obstinate - both scorpio traits)

yay for conforming to sterotypes!

on a seperate note, right now i'm "baby sitting" my brother while he sits with his nose against his tv playing MW2 screaming at his friends or whatever to "NOT FUCKING DEFUSE THAT FUCKING BOMB". so while he raises his blood pressure to levels which definately aren't healthy, i'm being even more unsocial, drinking lilt + vodka, trying to get over the fright i had about 2 hours ago, pretending to be a cat and talking to people about our first kisses (i was 6, his name was austin, he [barely] kissed me on the lips, it took me about a month to realize what he had done and since then i haven't spoken to him. oh well - maybe it's another secret scorpio characteristic...)