Monday, 22 February 2010

happy 100th blog!

i was reading my older blogs earlier on. they make me cringe. they probably made everyone reading them cringe. oh well.

so while i was on study leave for prelims last week, i realized that i genuinely don't care about school anymore. (i think it was sometime between doing shots off my math book and hanging upside down off my swivel chair and spinning myself around)

i remember when i was in elementary school and i was determined to do amazing in school... but i couldn't tell you why, because i didn't know. i'd spend much longer than needed on homework/projects and i'd be heartbroken if i got less than 100%. maybe a reason i wanted to do so well in school when i was younger was because i knew what i wanted to do with my life. i wanted to be a judge. (every single summer vacation and me, my mum and my little brother would watch judge judy then go to the best fucking artificial beach ever. i miss dallas) i figured being a judge would be easy, since all you had to do was sit and shout at people. then i realized i'd have to get loads of A passes at higher, and i was immediately discouraged (hard work + me = no because i'm a lazy procrastinator)
for a while i wanted to be a journalist, but after watching videos of journalists/the paparazzi fight for even a single sentence from the celebrity they're stalking, i realized i'd be shit at that.

so now i have no idea what i want to do. i think even if i had a little bit of an idea where i want to be in like... 5 years or so then i'd probably do better in school because i'd have a goal, no matter how uncertain it is.

Monday, 15 February 2010


silversun pickups, sooty, school of rock (even though jack black is a ped in that film), skins, summer, soleros, space, socks, 17 again, shrek, snow, sunny days, straighteners, skittles, skirts, shorts, santa, snowmen, spiderman, sugar cult, saturday night live, sequins, shorts, secrets, swimming,'smash' (loose change, not instant mashed potato), stars, shiny toy guns, scorpios, 'sandra deeeee', snow patrol, sun screen, samsungs, smashing pumpkins


every kind of sushi is lovelyyy. apart from pret a manger's take away sushi (bad memories of it's awful wasabi and spitting it out over the side of a london tour bus while said bus was in motion... the soy sauce came in the cutest pot though)

my first experience of a proper sushi bar was so stressful. after about 5 minutes there was tako everywhere, there was saba everywhere, there was sushi rice everywhere, there was soy sauce everywhere, i thought it was a good idea to eat a big blob of wasabi by itself, i was basically batting the sushi off the conveyor belt that it rolled along in. i couldn't have oozed more of a 'NEWBIE' status than if i tried to scoop it up with a spoon, or prod it with the chopsticks, or attempt to cut it with a knife and fork. anyways, water under the bridge, right? although now i'm... slightly more sushi savvy...

fact for the day: studying is a lot more fun when it's carried out with chocolate, face masks and alcopops. ok studying is never 'fun', but being... chemically inconvenienced makes it more... interesting, if nothing else

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

it's impossible to be unhappy while wearing a "beer" hat

9 facts about me (cause today's the 9th...) :

1. in my picture i was listening to underwater by death cab for cutie
2. i can only write in black ink
3. i haven't 'studied' since last year for standard grade admin
4. 99.9999% of the time i'm late
5. i don't look as bad for real as how awful i look in that picture. but i'm happy so fuck you. ie. the teeny bit of a double chin in that picture :(
6. i'm currently reading 'the 7 habits of highly effective teens' for the millionth time
7. i'm a big big fan of procrastination, slacking, idleness, loafing and being indifferent & apathetic
8. i'm also a fan of buttering up the truth

eh... btw... sorry about eh... not blogging for eh... nearly two months... i'll eh... blog more though... promise...?