Thursday, 17 December 2009


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"When it comes to grace and subtlety, the R reigns supreme" apparently

i was going to talk about romeo & julliet for my 'r' blog, since it's one of my favourite films ever. but then i thought 'wait... r... rachael... et voila!' so i'll talk about myself for this blog. but then i remembered that i really suck at talking about myself, so i'll just answer questions about me instead (i know this blog is a cop out, so what?)

Do you have an iPod? What color?
i have an ipod touch in uhh.. silver? black?

Who is your favourite director?

What do you think of rap music?
actually sometimes rap music can be okay

What were the last 3 movies you watched?
the nightmare before christmas an hour or 2 ago
17 again
office space

Do you have a dial-up connection?
i don't, but if i did that would be awful!

Have you ever used a fountain pen?
yeah haha, but then i broke it

Do you have the AOL toolbar installed?

How about Google?
bingo. i also have the neopets toolbar, but no one needs to know about that one

Is your keyboard wireless?
nope, it's retro

How often do you go to concerts/gigs?
i use to go all the time, but now that i keep spending my money on nothing, i never get a chance to go. i seen placebo on the 14th though, it was amazing

Are you stereotypical? Don't lie.
honestly, yes

Jonas Brothers. Your thoughts?
the one with the curly hair is cute, and the one that was in camp rock more than the others was hot when he was acting like a dick

The color orange. Your thoughts?
it's pretty?

The saying, "Penny for your thoughts." Your thoughts?
i only recently understood what that saying meant!

Are you in a Starbucks with a laptop, releasing your inner nerd? I am.
i wish. i'm in my house

I believe that Graduation Tests are easy. Do you agree?
i wouldn't know, i've never taken one

Favorite school suply?
god. stationary, i love stationary. i love the sound that pencils make when you write with them. i know, i'm weird

Favorite bathroom essential?
apart from toilet paper, probably face masks and bubble bath

Have you ever been in a helicopter?
i haven't, but i'd love to!

Is someone close to you in the service?
fortunately, no

What is your age multiplied by 18 and divided by 5?
16 x 18 = 288 ÷ 5 = 57.6

That number backwards?

Have you ever been on a tourbus/RV?

Have you ever lived in a van for more than a week?
yuck, no

Have you ever camped out in your front yard?
haha i did when i lived in mckinney once

What is the farthest distance you've walked?
like 20 miles

10 miles?

like 1/2 a mile haha, i get bored running

i'm not sure, i more or less never sprint

Can you dance?

What is your best friend's name spelled backwards with "izzle" at the end?
i have more than one best friend! if i done that 'spell backwards with "izzle" at the end' thing it will only cause bother

Example: Mine is Ydnewizzle

Have you ever been to a REAL haunted house?
apparently it was haunted

To you think bats are scary?
not really

How about spiders?
yes! they're yucky, very very yucky

What is a fear you have that you're embarassed about?
um the dark is probably my most embarassing fear

Mario Bros.--Cool or outdated?
COOL! always

List the last 5 things you have 'googled':
obama health care reform key points
ice cream
kool aid man
i hate nick griffin because...

haha wow

Are you adopted?

Are/were you home schooled?
nah, public schools all the way

What is prophase 1?
no idea?

What age do you think is a good one to get married at?
hm.. early 20's? i don't know

How about have kids?
well i'm not sure if i want kids, so i really don't know

Do you know any homosexuals?
i do

MTV movie remakes: Good or bad?
i don't even know what that is haha

Old Disney? (Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy...the originals.)
old disney is better. does disney from like 2003 count as 'old' though? i loved that's so raven and kim possible and out of the box and pbj etc

New Disney? (High School Musical, Jonas Bros, Suite Life of Zack and Cody.)
actually, i quite like high school musical. but apart from that, new disney sucks

Oh my gosh, you're pregnant! What are you naming your baby girl?
i don't know

Oh yay, twins! The other is a boy. Name?
i suck at thinking up names!

What time is it going to be 6 hours from now?
12:42 am

Do you go by a 24 hour clock or 12 hour clock?
usually a 24 hour clock

Have you ever drank hard liquor?

Are you a sarcastic person?
yeah! it's awkward though when i'm sarcastic on the internet then people take me seriously...

Do you know how to grow a pumpkin?
i do not

Speaking of pumpkins...Have you carved one for Halloween?
yes! agessss ago!

Or were you lazy and instead used Sharpies or paint? (That's what I did.)
nah, i got a pumpkin carving set and stencils and everything!

Christianity: Your thoughts?
well i go to a catholic school, so christianity doesn't really bother me. what bothers me about it is the die-hards who take it upon themselves to preach to you that you're wrong in not believing etc.

Homophobia: Your thoughts?
i don't really have thoughts on homophobia, i'm not homophobic.

Are you a writer?
i wouldn't say so

What's your greatest talent?
probably gift of the gab haha

Are you addicted to any video games?
kingdom hearts & pokemon forever & ever & ever & ever & ever! sometimes tetris and pacman, sometimes the sims and animal crossing. it depends

Which ones?

Do you know how people get sex changes? It's pretty interesting...
i don't, but i want to find out now

Rainbows: Cool or uncool?
sooo cool
especially when you can see the full rainbow

How would your great-great-grandmother be?
sick probably
but she's dead

Is your grandmother on your paternal side alive?
none of my grandparents are alive

Are you a grandmother/father?

What is your favorite color mixed with red?
purple i think?

Any allergies?
does hayfever count?

What do you think of coffee?
i like it iced

Do you like chicken?
yuck, no
veggie ftw

How about sushi?
looove sushi

What do you think of Green Day?
i don't really like them

How about Stephen King?
he's okay

The Used?

Justin Timberlake?
love him /embarassment

How often do you brush your teeth?
twice a day ;)

Wash your hair?
every morning

Do you used exfoliating cleanser on your face?

Do you have acne?
i use to, but it's all gone now

Are you over 6 foot?
haha are you kidding?

Under 5 foot?
i'm 5' 2"

Do you look good in green?
i don't know

What color do you look best in?
either black or dark blue (i think it was described as "midnight blue"?)

How long in your middle toe on your right foot?
that doesn't make sense

Are you wearing socks?
yessss, thigh high black ones
(they're meant to be knee high but i'm short)

Are you procrastinating on something?
yep. 2 english essays, notes about american politics & notes about the nhs

How's school/work going?

Do you enjoy school/work?
not at all

Who are your last 5 texts from and what did they say?
my last 2 are from niamh saying - "fuck you man haha just in the taxi. what would i be in?ahaa" & "i'm going in x you coming in?"
and the other 3 are from stuart talking about snowboarding or something

What color are your ear/headphones?

Do you have Twitter?

Do you follow Obama on Twitter?
do i fuck

Who did you last speak to that was drunk/high?
paul yesterday. well i think he was drunk, hungover at least

If you could live in any era in history, which would it be and who would you be?
i would have lived to live in victorian times and wear those lovely dresses! or around the '50s in america and be sandy from grease ;)

Who's someone in your life who you absolutely despise and why?
hmm... there are a lot of people i despise to be honest. it doesn't take much to annoy me. probably the one annoying me most at the moment is a girl at my school who thinks she's everyones friend and god's gift to men

Has anyone (not just a lover) ever broken or even cracked your heart? What happened? How long ago? Still hurt?
probably the worst i've ever felt my heart "broken" was when i was seeing this boy last year, who i ended up with for a good year or so. he started doing cocaine, and i didn't want anything to do with him after that even though how i felt about him hadn't changed.
another time was hm.. 2007 i think? something happened with people i was, at the time, friends with which sparked this chain reaction of repression since i'd moved back from america to scotland. i don't want to talk about it though

If you could resolve either situation, how do you wish to resolve it?
i have no interest in resolving either. it would be pointless telling this girl that she's a skank, and i'm sort of glad for having the other thing happen, because without it i may have just repressed emotions further and things may have gotten out of hand

Which song are you listening to?
taste in men by placebo

What's cooler: Mini-Golf, Claw Games or Ferris Wheels?
i'm awful at mini-golf, i just smack the ball and watch it fly away. or i hit in in water and try to splash people. i love claw games when i win, but they are too addictive for me to play on a regular basis (the last time, i spotted a high school musical mickey mouse that i absoultely would have died without, and i spent at least over £20 trying to win it, with no avail). which leaves ferris wheels, which are cool anyways

i know this is verrrry long, and if you read all of this then pat yourself on the back

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

if i had £1 for every time i was asked today 'is it real?!'

i'd have enough to cover my body in placebo tattoos

oh, and for the record,

the quality of all the photos/videos are awful, and none of them will never do any justice in reiterating how fucking close i was to brian molko (2 rows from the barrier bi-atch). maybe i'll put more pictures from the concert onto my photobucket account though?

Sunday, 13 December 2009

QQQQQ (it should really be qu)

quavers, quorn, quilts, quality streets, queen of hearts, "quids", quentin tarintino, quiffs - i know it's a short list, you try coming up with a huge list of things you like beginning with q


and on an unrelated note, I'M SEEING PLACEBO TOMORROW yay


wow. i haven't blogged properly in ages. sorry about that, i won't bore you with the same reasons as always.

i always feel pretty nostalgic right about this time every single year, start thinking about all the stuff i said i'd do & didn't, start thinking about all the stupid stuff i've done, all the impulsive stuff, all the good stuff. i also get sort of upset because i don't really look forward to christmas as much as i use to. it's weird though, because only 3/4 years ago i was excited about christmas before it was even my birthday. i just put it down to growing up, but i don't feel anymore grown up.
when i was 11 years old and a first year at high school, i'd imagine being in 5th/6th year, and how much more responsible and clever and organised i'd be. but really, i've gotten worse. i've more or less given up on half of my subjects, my only real incentive to going into school is to talk to my schools and going out at the end of the day. i guess if i keep telling myself i'll start taking school seriously, the idea will sink in. hopefully. eventually

anyways, 2009. i think it's probably been the best/worst year (i want to say stardate instead of year!)
turning 16, for example. sure, you're technically an "adult" but people still don't see you as one. being charged an adult at the cinema doesn't mean you are one, having to pay full fare instead of half on a bus/train doesn't make you more grown up. all that's changed is that you don't have to be at school basically. and you can get a job. but let's be honest, at 16, employers aren't going to treat you fantastically, are they? low pay, long hours

see, whats weird about this year is that nothing really amazing happened. i went to poland for a week and a bit, went to london and blackpool a few times, went to parties, dated a few guys. i think what has made this year stick out more so than others is realizing that this time in 2 years, maybe even 1, things will be entirely different. more importantly, as cliched it is, i've realized who my real friends are and aren't. 2009 has been full of paranoia, tears, anger, shame, but also a good deal of accomplishment and happiness

my favourite things this year have been:
  • MUSIC! specifically the affinity i have created with smashing pumpkins, placebo, ke$sha and jay-z. weird, i know
  • while i was on exam leave in may/june, and me and my friend niamh would meet at like 11, buy food from the supermarket, sit by the canal and eat and bitch about people for hours and hours
  • drinking more than whats good for me, but the things i say while like that are less than desirable
  • becoming obsessed with films again
  • going to the cinema at silly times every weekend

there are several more things i didn't like than i did, so i'll just name a few, which are:

  • the unexplainable reasons as to why i am a bitch
  • meeting certain people
  • having to blurt out what i think 24/7

i also became obsessed with twitter this year, i do not know why. all i know is that i can't help but love it.

so now the 'noughties' are nearly at an end, i wonder what'll happen next decade...