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(i found that 'p is for... pie' picture in my 'my pictures' folder and i couldn't resist using it!)

remember when you're like 6 or 7, and you're whole childhood is centered around something? like sports, or reading, or climbing trees? i was a video game girl, pokemon in particular. i know what you'll be thinking "ANOTHER teenage girl proclaiming her "undying love" for a child oriented game? boring." it isn't like that. i first really got "into" pokemon when i was 4 or 5 maybe, and my dad bought me a pink gameboy color and pokemon yellow from walmart. and even though he had to more or less play the entire game for me because i was rubbish at it, i still felt an affinty, if you will, with all those little pixels
i became more independant with pokemon silver/gold/crystal, (yes, i had all 3) completing silver & gold in an average of say... 6 months? but when nintendo remade s/g and crystal was formed, i was aaaaaall over it, finishing the entire game in probably a maximum of 6 days

oh sapphire, i love you so much. i can still remember going to gamestop at 9 am to pick up my pro ordered copy before everyone else to make sure i got a kyogre coin, then staying overnight at my friend natalee's house, playing ruby and sapphire literally all night. and suffering the concequences by falling asleep in the cheesecake factory
when diamond/pearl came out i was probably about 13, so i tried to act like i wasn't bothered about it's realse, but secrectly, it was killing me that i wouldn't get a limited edition dialga/palkia stylus. but my dad, once again, preordered diamond for me, i actually felt like i was going to cry with happiness. i didn't even need a week to finish, i finished half the game the first day i had it, and finished it a couple hours later

i absolutely adore pokemon, and you have no idea how pissed off i get when i hear people talking about loving it, despite only being able to name one pokemon, mainly pikachu. or talking about how they bought a packet of pokemon cards and there was a pikachu card there and "zOMG! pikachu is just soooo cute zOMG!" it's just awful haha. whenever someone starts a conversation like that, not even to my face, i get overwhelmed and have to yell randomly "YEAH WELL I HAVE 1000+ POKEMON CARDS AND 100+ FIGURES AND EVERY SINGLE GAME/(on all platforms apart from wii, cause i sold mine...) FILM/BOOK/EPISODE etc!!!"
the sad thing is that's actually the truth...

besides, everyone knows eevee, espeon and charmander are the cutest pokemon...

actually, all of the eeveelutions are adorable. except for lefeon, he freaks me out

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