Tuesday, 3 November 2009


somedays i love love love double blogging
especially when i feel obliged because the latest post in 2 weeks was about a politician... you know you're starting to get old when you actually understand & talk about politics...

anyways, in the past month or so:

my *cough* wonderful SE W910i broke. again. for like the fifth time. it has now sunk into my particularly thick skull that buying yet ANOTHER one would be a waste of time, i've gotten obsessed with party in the usa by miley cyrus & is this love by bob marley, i've wrote countless essays about american immigration & british health inequalities, i got a pair of harem pants about 6 months after they were "cool", i've made several lists of things i need/want for a trip to poland which is monthsssss away (i love making lists, shut up), i spent an entire 24 hours writing an 'animal farm' essay, i've realized how badly i need a job, i was probably the worst bumble bee ever for halloween & my proudest achievement, i got my friend tipsy <3


P.S. i really want a black DC hoodie, an HTC phone and every single pair of christian louboutin shoes

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