Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ha! 3 blogs! ha!

i was going to blog about this in my little update thingy, but i didn't

okay, so, if you use twitter ever a little bit (unless you just had you're head under a rock) you'll obviously know that miley cyrus deleted her twitter like.. a month ago. at the time, twitter was bombarded by sobbing, suicidal pre-teens, tweeting more or less the same pathetic plea "#mileycomeback OMG HOW COULD U DO THIS OMG OMG :'( :'("
if you had a £1 for all the people that tweeted begging miley to come back in the first hour, you could have bought her and forced her to open a new account. and on the same day i think (if you'll remember) twitter froze & it was a 'twitocalypse' and it was miley's fault, etc.
anyways, everyone calmed down a few days later, and life on twitter returned to normal.

well, except for the creater of the website 'www.mileysavefuzzy.com'
basically, the jist of their website is that miley deleting her twitter was "painfully shocking" and in their (i keep saying their because a gender isn't specified. i'm guessing it'a a girl, sorry) desperate attempt to almost blackmail miley cyrus into creating a new account, this psycho says that basically, if miley doesn't begin to tweet again (by november 16th i think) she's going to eat her cat.
personally, when i first read their website, i thought they were taking the piss. but then you scroll down and this... weirdo is being serious. it's really kind of creepy when you think about the people that would even joke about killing their cat because a singer deleted her account. she probably deleted it to try and avoid people doing this. anyways, you should check out the website. it's pretty messed up

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