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i'll say sorry now for the judgemental, rushed & angry blog.

okay, so i had a big plan about writing about napoleon dynamite, which is definately one of my favourite films, but i'm going to be a hypocrite & blog about nick griffin, the leader of the bnp. i really hate mixing religion/politics/my principles with the internet, you always end up offending someone, or someone strongly disagrees with you or whatever.

i've always been interested in politics & whats happening in the world, but i'd never been to protests or rallies, mainly because there are few in glasgow. i mean, i went to a anti-scientology one, but my feelings about scientology are for another day. but once i was in glasgow & there was this guy standing on a little stool, holding a megaphone & i honestly did feel bad for him, as his smile was obviously to cover up how embarrased & awkward he must have felt, because i'm assuming that the 100/200 people screaming abuse & chants at him can't have made him feel too homey. so this woman rushes up to me, hands me about 32984320 anti-bnp flyers & explains to me about how the bnp are more or less nazi's. so usually i'd have just ignored it & been quite content with the party i support, but that woman's obvious passionate hatred towars the bnp sparked an interest, so i looked them up & i really have to hand it to nick griffin, he really does have an amazing way with words. he sugar coats & complicates the truth so the ignorant & indecisive british swallow all of his bizarre opinions, which has gotten the bnp 2 seats in the european parliment.

reasons why i think nick griffin is a douche bag:
  • and a hypocrite. apparently he use to teach foreigners to speak english. huh, weird, because i heard he wants to make the fuck sure immigrants aren't allowed into britain
  • his psychotic views on the holocaust. yeah, didn't you know? apparently they never happened & the jews are conspiring against white british people. can words really describe how sick that is?
  • "The TV footage of dozens of gay demonstrators flaunting their perversions in front of the world's journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive." (1999 - writing for Spearhead) obviously saying that he finds gay people "repulsive" & doens't even refer to them as humans will win him many gay friends

about the whole question time thing, at first i really strongly believed that the tape shouldn't be shown, he shouldn't have even been asked on. (which i still stand by) but i've been thinking, he is a politician, so him & his party do have a right to (as much as it pains me to admit) be treated as such, even if what they believe is so ugly & paranoid it almost sounds fake. but the footage on the news of people protesting is pretty ridiculous, since he is a publically elected politician & we do live in a democracy. i think that the bbc will soundbite the fuck out of his appearance on question time, & he should be interviwed live for an hour by a brutal journalist. basically, my hatred of the bnp has overshadowed my principles now, if you support them i want nothing to do with you.

"So, what are we now doing with the British National Party? Well we tried to simplify its message in some ways and to make it a saleable message. So it's not white supremacy or racial civil war or anything like that, which is what we know in fact is going on, and we're not supremacists, we're white survivalists, even that frightens people. Four apple pie words, freedom, security, identity and democracy." (2001 - Speech to the American Friends of the BNP)

but seriously, if you didn't break down what he says, research about him, read some of the ludicrous things he's written/said (so basically if you are an ignorant prick) the bnp make an overwhelmingly persuasive argument. then you realise how ugly nick griffin is & how fucked in the head bnp members are

rant over

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