Sunday, 6 September 2009

i'm coming back to you i swear!

apologies for the looong break from blogging. things have been crazy

lame reasons why i haven't been blogging:
  1. school's been back just over a fortnight, & i've had homework already. tragic, right? anyways, ever since school's went back i've been spending all my free time making mind maps & learning math techniques that will be of zero use in the real world. and not to forget catching up with sleep! i always forget how much sleep i lose during school terms, ending up in napping from 4 to 6, break for dinner, then 6:30 to like 11. my sleep pattern gets even more fucked up during school
  2. this is probably a good reason for why i should have blogged, but the past week i've been ill. heavy cold & a touch of food poisoning, so i was off school more or less all of last week. to be honest, i spent that time twiddling my fingers, bored out of my mind. but there was always something to do before blogging, and i am ashamed to say that blogging has been placed on the back burner.

anyways, i'm back now. however brief & shortlived that may be. but there's always twitter, right?

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