Sunday, 6 September 2009


i feel bad for not blogging properly in a while. that 'apology' one doesnt count haha, it was laaame

anyways, things i like beginning with the letter i:

ipods, igloos, icicles, ibex, ice storms (they exsist btw! when i lived in dallas we got ice storms to compensate for 0 snow), ibuprofen, ice age I, II & III & the real ice age of course, inner party system, idealism & being idealistic, ink, illusions, illusiveness, 'inny' belly buttons, iglu & hartly & imogean heap, ice cubes


i love ice cream! there was a period of time from about 2006 to about christmas 2008 where i was a vegan, & i took a quote right from the guy who was in the vegan hot dog eating contest with obama girl: "i don't eat things that cry". which is practically EVERYTHING. so no fish, chicken, burgers, cheese, milk etc. i basically ate pasta & fruit for 2 years. but every so often i just need some fucking ice cream. so i gave up & to celebrate had a huuuge baskin robbins sundae! it was the besttt

although the best ice cream i've ever had is from about.. 2004ish i think, we were moving back to scotland in august, so my mum was doing errands in mckinney one day & we went to baskin robbins. i don't think they do this in the uk (at least not where i live) but in the usa, there was always a 'flavour of the month' cleverly named to coincide with an event happening in that month, or a play on words of the month, or the season in which the month was in. anyways, it was july, & the flavour of the month was 'america's birthday cake' & it was THE best ice cream i've ever had. ever. it had pieces of a red white & blue cake, with sprinkles and cookie dough & the best vanilla ice cream, it was so good. especially with hot fudge sauce ;)
i'd probably kill to get a bowl full of that mother fucker again.

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