Monday, 28 September 2009

excited for toy story 3D!


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when i'm angry or upset, i make lemonade to calm down. go figure

Sunday, 27 September 2009

i'm in love with his voice

he's adorable


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p.s. i have 2 'things i love beginning with k' so you get 2 things i love in the one blog! exciting huh?


you know when you're a kid, & your whole childhood focuses around one thing? may it be sports, or reading, or cartoons. mine was nintendo. i loved nintendo, & i still do. that's why it was such a shock when i found that i actually liked a sony game. it started when i was at my friend natalee's house, who dabbled in & out of xbox & ps2 games (i'm saying dabbled like it was drugs and not video games)
i was in the middle of bragging about how i'd beaten the elite 4 for the millionth time (cause that's prestigious stuff to 9 year olds) when she whipped out kingdom hearts & beagn playing that. i was agast.

so i sat angrily on her bed while she stayed glued infront of the tv screen. then i heard the familiar voices of disney characters, & i couldn't help but not pry my eyes away from my GBA & take a peek at what she was doing. i think it was at that moment i began my affair with sony. at first it was just playing a half hour or so of kingdom hearts when i was at natalee's house. but when we moved back to scotland, i was in a game store & i seen a cheap ps2 + kingdom hearts. i felt awful, but i bumped the affair up a level. in the following days & weeks, i would spend all my spare time with sora, travelling to different worlds, fighting the heartless, & eventually, i battled my way to the end. it felt strange that i had completed a non-nintendo game, & had actually had fun. so soon after completeing it i was on amazon & i came across the second kingdom hearts game for like £5. once again, my relationship with sony was triumphant over my never ending love with nintendo. the second KH 2 arrived i played it constantly, until i reached the awkward stage of completion once more.

there's a KH game coming out in october, called 358/2 days. but it's kind of a sequel to chain of memories for GBA, which apparently was rubbish so i never bought it. but i think i'll have to if i want to understand half the things going on in 358/2 days. i know the gist of chain of memories, but whatever. it'll be fun playing a KH game that i haven't completed a billion times.

& number 2: i fucking love kool-aid

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


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i haven't wore a pair of jeans since february. shorts ftw ;)

Saturday, 12 September 2009


when i was finding the picture of the ice cream sundae for my 'i' blog i found this: ice cream sundae cupcakes! i swear if you buy me them i'll marry you!

(look at the cupcakes to the left; cookie monster! where the fuck is this place!?)

cunt is gay ;)

Sunday, 6 September 2009


i feel bad for not blogging properly in a while. that 'apology' one doesnt count haha, it was laaame

anyways, things i like beginning with the letter i:

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i love ice cream! there was a period of time from about 2006 to about christmas 2008 where i was a vegan, & i took a quote right from the guy who was in the vegan hot dog eating contest with obama girl: "i don't eat things that cry". which is practically EVERYTHING. so no fish, chicken, burgers, cheese, milk etc. i basically ate pasta & fruit for 2 years. but every so often i just need some fucking ice cream. so i gave up & to celebrate had a huuuge baskin robbins sundae! it was the besttt

although the best ice cream i've ever had is from about.. 2004ish i think, we were moving back to scotland in august, so my mum was doing errands in mckinney one day & we went to baskin robbins. i don't think they do this in the uk (at least not where i live) but in the usa, there was always a 'flavour of the month' cleverly named to coincide with an event happening in that month, or a play on words of the month, or the season in which the month was in. anyways, it was july, & the flavour of the month was 'america's birthday cake' & it was THE best ice cream i've ever had. ever. it had pieces of a red white & blue cake, with sprinkles and cookie dough & the best vanilla ice cream, it was so good. especially with hot fudge sauce ;)
i'd probably kill to get a bowl full of that mother fucker again.

i'm coming back to you i swear!

apologies for the looong break from blogging. things have been crazy

lame reasons why i haven't been blogging:
  1. school's been back just over a fortnight, & i've had homework already. tragic, right? anyways, ever since school's went back i've been spending all my free time making mind maps & learning math techniques that will be of zero use in the real world. and not to forget catching up with sleep! i always forget how much sleep i lose during school terms, ending up in napping from 4 to 6, break for dinner, then 6:30 to like 11. my sleep pattern gets even more fucked up during school
  2. this is probably a good reason for why i should have blogged, but the past week i've been ill. heavy cold & a touch of food poisoning, so i was off school more or less all of last week. to be honest, i spent that time twiddling my fingers, bored out of my mind. but there was always something to do before blogging, and i am ashamed to say that blogging has been placed on the back burner.

anyways, i'm back now. however brief & shortlived that may be. but there's always twitter, right?