Monday, 17 August 2009


what a load of sssh.. sugar.

if you didn't know, i use to go to a school called st columbas, but because it was like 60 years old & falling apart the council built a new school called st peter blah blah.
but if it was just our school going into the new one, that'd be cool. but it's another school in clydebank, ie, an amalgamation in a "super school"

to be fair, the school does look pretty impressive, & i am aware that drawing is an "artist impressions" but trust me, the school looks as good as that. i'll get an actual picture of said school as & when.

so, social struggles & adaptations + purple uniforms (did i mention the uniforms are purple?) + highers = 1 of 2 possibilities:

1. the school will be a massive success, everyone will mix & get along with one another, the uniforms won't be such an eye sore after we've wore them for a while, & i'll pass all my classes & get A's for my highers.

or 2. (the most realistic to me, at this moment) the school will be a failure, people from the 2 schools will stick to each like glue at st peters, the uniforms will still look just as horrible a year on & i'll fail all my classes. basically the total opposite of the first possibility.

but either way, i've actually had fun finding new school things. i love stationary more than you'll ever know, so i got pukka pads & binders & loads of pens & a planner & a lot more.
the uniform clothes i've gotten aren't half bad either, just the cardigan & the jumper that the school gave us, and the only cardigan/jumper we're allowed to wear whilst in the school.
but the skirts, shirts, pinford & dress trousers i've gotten are nice, so whatever.

possible the cherry on the whole "why i hate st peters" argument is that my little brother is beginning that school aswell. i'll be in 5th year & he'll be in 1st year. super

(i promise the other blogs i post after this one will be mildly interesting!)

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