Saturday, 1 August 2009


that last blog was garbage.
& some days i'm all about double, triple, quadruple blogging.

oh by the way; rabbits rabbits rabbits!
i seem to be the only person who says that at the beginning of a month as good luck. the looks i get when i greet people like that are priceless, to say the least.

anyways, july wasn't exactly the "barbaque summer" as promised, seeing as daunting, black rain clouds hung overhead for days, weeks even, which pretty much stopped alot of stuff happening. i spent a good part of july inside, watching old dvds, reading, tweeting. but i had fun. i guess.

i seen harry potter (3 times in the opening week)! it pretty much lived up to the hype. but 3 things i didnt like:

1. dumbledores disappointing death, which was the most un-anti-climax death ever.
2. the huge death eater fight at the end was cut. probably to save time but i'll still nit pick thank you very much.
& 3. harry potter in 3D wasn't quite as grand as portrayed. the only things in 3D was an advert for another film, the opening scene with the dementors & the 'muggle bridge' being taken down & another part that i've forgotten...

i'm going to london on the 3rd, so no doubt i'll come back & have one or two things to blog about.

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