Tuesday, 18 August 2009


i totally forget to tell you about it!
but to be frank, it wasn't anything that can't be summed up in bullet points, so here: my trip to london, the 2 minute edition:
  • 5 hour train journey (both times) & watching old dvd's that i'd forgotten about
  • spluring at oxford street
  • going to the ripleys museum!
  • seeing the statue people at trafalga square & having no idea what they were doing
  • me & my brother silently laughing at american tourists behind us
  • seeing gringrotts & the school daniel radcliffe went to. before he was rich
  • going on the bus tours twice & the first time it was awful
  • going under & over several bridges & not being totally scared witless
  • keeping conversations in public to a minimum to avoid what i said to be tweeted by @i_heard. thats really a reflection of the time we live in
  • at euston going back to glasgow, once the platform number was announced, everyone from glasgow sprinted to the train to try & get a table seat
  • the toilet in the hotel room smelling like mcdonalds, & the room had wifi!

i took aaalot of pictures too, but they're on my photobucket account instead, which i'll post the link to somewhere. it's mainly pictures from the ripleys museum, but whatever, i enjoyed myself. but this was one of my favourites, it was our view from the hotel room. to be honest, the picture does no justice to how pretty it was at the time, but oh well


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