Wednesday, 19 August 2009

i don't know what's happened to me

but all of a sudden i've gotten right back into the swing of blogging. it feels good, after taking that loooong break. but my writers block has finally been cured! but as one "illness" (can writers block be described as an illness?) goes, another one soon follows pursuit, in the form of a sore stomach & hayfever. but i guess it's good to be ill now & not when school goes back, ruining first impressions

school goes back too soon, & to be honest, the first month or so of summer i couldn't wait. but those were the days when i had bad hayfever & just tweeted all day & read harry potter & watched harry potter & obsessed over harry potter, etc. but now that it's less than a week away & i have my uniform, chose my subjects, seen the school, my apprehension is overwhelming my excitement.
i suppose it's good & bad, although the good sides are only assumptions, like a good point is meeting new people & making new friends, i might not make new friends. it's unlikely i won't, but it could happen. one point i'm assuming most is that the boys from the school my school is joining with will be pretty & mature, not like the boys at my school currently. although there is one boy in particular i really, really don't want to see.... & one boy i really do want to see! well, two but they second one i only got a glance of, the first one i've known forever
bad points include not knowing where i'll be going for the first while & my brother will be at the school now. whatever, i'm being melodramatic. since i'm stuck inside all day with nothing to do i'll most likely blog again, but before i end, look how cute this bunny is!
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