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so if we speak in person, or on twitter, or whatever then you'll probably be aware that i'm a huge harry potter fan, so it can't come as much of a suprise that i'd speak about that for my 'h' blog.

(how young do they all look there? awww)
i can remember when we lived in my old house in dallas, my gran sent me a copy of harry potter & the philosophers stone & i completely judged that book by it's cover. i was about 6 or 7 at the time, if it wasn't a picture of a pony or a rainbow or a princess, then it was shit. but one night my dad came to read to me before bed & he'd read all my other books, & all that was left was harry potter, so i unhappily allowed him to read it to me, on the terms that if he read me some of the book & i didn't like it, he'd buy me beanie babies. what 6 year old girl would say no to that?! so he read me the first few chapters, & i was hooked. i remember i began to cry when he stopped & he read me a few more then i just fell asleep. so that's how my infatuation began. he'd read me the books & i'd listen, gripped on each word.

then the films came out. i can remember vaguely seeing the 1st one, but i definately remember going to see the second one. i'd been looking forward to it ever since i'd seen the first trailer, so me, my best friend & both our brothers & mum's booked to see the chamber of secrets at the first showing on the first day it was out at movies 14. i was so obsessed, i even dressed as a witch (from the pointy hat down to the cloak & cat) to see it, & i have dressed as such ever since to see all the films. i actually had my first crush on rupert grint, but a part of me liked tom felton aswell. but i felt like i was cheating on griffyndor. i still sort of like rupert more, but tom's still hot. anyways, remember the part in the chamber of secrets when ginny was posessed by tom riddle's diary & she writes on blood on the walls? that gave me nightmares for months. 8 year olds are impressionable, you know.

when the 5th book came out, i went to the book launch with my best friend & her family. that was such a good night! we hung out in barnes & noble for hours with "hagrid" & "hedwig", got our faces painted, got the boxes the order of the phoenix books came in, which we were soooo stoked about. then we got back to her house around about, 1-2 am, pitched a tent in her living room & read that book for a whole day. i can still remember being picked up by my family afterwards, going to the cheesecake factory & falling asleep on the chair.

the half blood prince was a pretty good film, possibly the best adaptation out of all the books. there was 2 main parts missing from the book i felt though, which i've probably blogged about before but will again: 1. dumbledore's seriously anticlimax death & 2. the missing fightscene from the end, & i think i had a 3rd but it's escaped me.

if you like harry potter, then you'll probably like potter puppet pals, i think this is their best video, check it out

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