Tuesday, 18 August 2009


somedays i'm all about triple blogging, or more.
generally those are the days that i'm by myself in my house & i have nothing to do.

elephants, eggs, eagles, easter, excitement, electricity, elitism, elections, elevators, eskimo pie ice cream, ears, elfs, earmuffs, eevee, electabuzz, espeon, elekid & entei easels, emperor penguins

so i came to write this blog, & i got my notepad & i realized i had nothing to talk/write about. that sounds stupid, let me redeem myself: i have alot of random thoughs pop into my head everyday, like everyone else, but when i begin to think about one specific thing, i don't stop. so for my other alphabet blogs, i've got tons of ideas for what to talk about in my notepad. but this one's a 'cowboy', so i'll apologize now for the possible reckless nature of this blog


i love receiving e-mails, truthfully, who doesn't?
every single day since november when i got my ipod touch & i has the e-mail app (when my obsession began) the first thing i do every morning is check my e-mails, i actually look forward to it.
seriously, whenever i see the little envelope (e-mail button) on my google toolbar open up, my little face lights up!
horoscopes, e-mails saying i have comments/friend requests, the hallowed e-mails from twitter telling me i have new followers & the dreaded junk mail.
& even the rare e-mails from actual people!
i always get so excited by those ones haha, no one ever really e-mails me. i have an account on pretty much every single social networking site, so no need.
last summer i remember i'd go on my computer & e-mail my dad at work & i'd get so excited when i got an e-mail back.
it's kind of funny how much e-mail & the phrase 'you've got mail' now only really applies to electronic mail, not paper.
if i ever have a letter & my mum or someone goes 'rachael, you have mail' i'll be like '! why were you on my e-mail account?!' & the look of smugness over their face when they wave the envelope in my face & all i can do is cower in my corner.

oh well, i guess it's the 2000's. paper mail was so 20th century.

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