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dallas, ducks, dior, diaries, destinys child (the shame.. i guess it's better than dido), dogs, dasiy chains, diablo cody, domokun, daffy & donald duck, dolce & gabbana, dolphins, dinosaurs, debit cards, david arquetta, dracula, daniel baldwin and doughnuts (krispy kreme variety).

today, the lucky 'thing i will blog about beginning with the letter d' is:

ever since i went to disney land paris when i was about 2 or 3 after my little brother was born (i was a jealous toddler, disney land was the compensation to the few months & coming years of neglect) i have loved it with an absolute passion, although i keep that to a minimum in public

i can still vividly remember standing in "sleeping beauty's castle" & seeing the spinning wheel, you know, the one that she touches on her 16th birthday or something (i think? my memory of disney princess details are scarce) and being absolutely petrified. then i was in a street dance with esmerelda & other gypsy's from 'the hunchback of notre dame' on the main street in the magic kingdom (and only kingdom at that point, i think. it was the 90's & extravagance was unexistent then)

in 2006 my family & i went to disney land orlando, which was amazing. although, it didn't begin like that...
as i'm sure you're aware, i use to live in dallas. but when i was 10 or 11, we moved back to scotland, where i am originally from (moved to dallas when i was 4 or 5. complicated, huh?)

so we still had visa/green card's from america stating that we were still residents, but we hadn't been there/my parents hadn't been working there for 2 years.

so before we landed, we signed those forms when you go to america saying if you are a resident/visitng & my mother & father knowing everything signed the vistor ones, disregarding the excellent point i made. WE HAVE GREEN CARDS, ALA WE ARE RESIDENTS.

so, a long story short, we got taken to a room with people who had forgotten their passports, had green cards taken off of them, etc. and thats what happened to us, we were revoked of our american residentiality. because my parents are soo smart.
AND the bus which was going to take us to disneyland left without us, so we had to hire a car and drive there, which was probably an advantage but whatever. at the time, saying i was annoyed & grumpy were gross understatements.

then we drove (well, my dad drove) to disneyland, missing the cut off several times, due to the heat & fatigue, we ended up at the resaturant/gallery thing for the sports resort & had to start all over again. we eventually found the hotel. at about 10 PM. (we left the airport around 6ish)
it took for-fucking-ever to sign in & then we had the most rushed "dinner" ever, found our room (heaving our cases up the awkwardly steep stairs) & crashed.
that first day was not, however, a reflection of the fortnight to come, and before we knew it, it was time to leave & by the end i had made something sure in my mind. BEST. VACATION. EVER.

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