Saturday, 1 August 2009


don't judge becuase of the double post.
i'm very very bored today.

caramel, closer, chewits (the sweets), chewit the rabbit, cameron house, @chubbyafro, coca-cola, chanel, camping, candles, cursive (i just had a flashback to 4th grade when i got my cursive lisence)

while on the school trip to poland, we went to the czech republic. it was soso pretty. prague is a lovely place. a little too caught up in sex though. me & my friends walked into a touristy shop, brimming with the usual touristy things. but amongs all that we found shirts with various positions for sex, a dice which determined said position, etc. and the people running the shop were very very touchy feely. but all in all it was a good.

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