Saturday, 22 August 2009

this made my day

thanks lauren


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so if we speak in person, or on twitter, or whatever then you'll probably be aware that i'm a huge harry potter fan, so it can't come as much of a suprise that i'd speak about that for my 'h' blog.

(how young do they all look there? awww)
i can remember when we lived in my old house in dallas, my gran sent me a copy of harry potter & the philosophers stone & i completely judged that book by it's cover. i was about 6 or 7 at the time, if it wasn't a picture of a pony or a rainbow or a princess, then it was shit. but one night my dad came to read to me before bed & he'd read all my other books, & all that was left was harry potter, so i unhappily allowed him to read it to me, on the terms that if he read me some of the book & i didn't like it, he'd buy me beanie babies. what 6 year old girl would say no to that?! so he read me the first few chapters, & i was hooked. i remember i began to cry when he stopped & he read me a few more then i just fell asleep. so that's how my infatuation began. he'd read me the books & i'd listen, gripped on each word.

then the films came out. i can remember vaguely seeing the 1st one, but i definately remember going to see the second one. i'd been looking forward to it ever since i'd seen the first trailer, so me, my best friend & both our brothers & mum's booked to see the chamber of secrets at the first showing on the first day it was out at movies 14. i was so obsessed, i even dressed as a witch (from the pointy hat down to the cloak & cat) to see it, & i have dressed as such ever since to see all the films. i actually had my first crush on rupert grint, but a part of me liked tom felton aswell. but i felt like i was cheating on griffyndor. i still sort of like rupert more, but tom's still hot. anyways, remember the part in the chamber of secrets when ginny was posessed by tom riddle's diary & she writes on blood on the walls? that gave me nightmares for months. 8 year olds are impressionable, you know.

when the 5th book came out, i went to the book launch with my best friend & her family. that was such a good night! we hung out in barnes & noble for hours with "hagrid" & "hedwig", got our faces painted, got the boxes the order of the phoenix books came in, which we were soooo stoked about. then we got back to her house around about, 1-2 am, pitched a tent in her living room & read that book for a whole day. i can still remember being picked up by my family afterwards, going to the cheesecake factory & falling asleep on the chair.

the half blood prince was a pretty good film, possibly the best adaptation out of all the books. there was 2 main parts missing from the book i felt though, which i've probably blogged about before but will again: 1. dumbledore's seriously anticlimax death & 2. the missing fightscene from the end, & i think i had a 3rd but it's escaped me.

if you like harry potter, then you'll probably like potter puppet pals, i think this is their best video, check it out

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

tidy your room = play with transferable tattoo's

i don't know what's happened to me

but all of a sudden i've gotten right back into the swing of blogging. it feels good, after taking that loooong break. but my writers block has finally been cured! but as one "illness" (can writers block be described as an illness?) goes, another one soon follows pursuit, in the form of a sore stomach & hayfever. but i guess it's good to be ill now & not when school goes back, ruining first impressions

school goes back too soon, & to be honest, the first month or so of summer i couldn't wait. but those were the days when i had bad hayfever & just tweeted all day & read harry potter & watched harry potter & obsessed over harry potter, etc. but now that it's less than a week away & i have my uniform, chose my subjects, seen the school, my apprehension is overwhelming my excitement.
i suppose it's good & bad, although the good sides are only assumptions, like a good point is meeting new people & making new friends, i might not make new friends. it's unlikely i won't, but it could happen. one point i'm assuming most is that the boys from the school my school is joining with will be pretty & mature, not like the boys at my school currently. although there is one boy in particular i really, really don't want to see.... & one boy i really do want to see! well, two but they second one i only got a glance of, the first one i've known forever
bad points include not knowing where i'll be going for the first while & my brother will be at the school now. whatever, i'm being melodramatic. since i'm stuck inside all day with nothing to do i'll most likely blog again, but before i end, look how cute this bunny is!
(embedding was disabled)

while we're still on the topic of glasgow...

i thought this was hilarious, but only because i can understand what they're saying


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care to hazard a guess as to where i'll be blogging about today? if you haven't gotten it yet & you're from glasgow then shame on you, didn't the armadillo give it away? but that's right, i'm blogging about GLASGOW! the home of rachael, est 1993
if you're scottish/british, then you'll know that sterotypes & assumptions made by foreigners are more often than not way way off. for example, it's a british sterotype that we all drink tea & eat crumpets and scones. i do drink tea, but it's not poured out by the butler & brought along on a silver platter in the finest china. as for the crumpet thing, i've never had one.
a scottish sterotype is that we wear kilts all the time & we all have ginger hair & we all play the bagpipes and eat haggis. along me to clear this up: people only generally wear kilts at speical occasions. believe it or not, we wear normal clothes. from normal clothes shops. weird, huh?
people who have ginger hair in scotland (well, where i live at least) are almost discriminated against. it can be funny sometimes, ridiculous yet funny.
as for the bagpipes & haggis: bagpipes are only really played at folk concerts & sometimes special occasions, like st andrews day, although sometimes in glasgow people will busk with a bagpipe & wear a kilt, but it's probably for the tourists. and if you don't know what haggis is: it's sheeps intestine. so no, we don't all eat that. some people do obviously. i am not one of them. the look of it even through the packaging is revolting
we also have a strange breed of people in scotland, neds. if you don't know what they are, allow me to explain:

imagine a 12 year old boy, 4' 12", wearing a knock off "lacoste" tracksuit & matching trainers, with the bottom of his tracksuit tucked into his tube socks. he has the first initial of his name shaved into the back of his head & he has a bottle of buckfast (revolting cider) tucked into his trouers. not the pocket, in his trousers
a man walks past reading a newspaper. the ned see's the lack of interest the man has in him & takes that as an insult. the ned then goes up to the man & starts speaking in tounges, or so it seems. "haw haw haw mahn how old ir yoo mahn pure fuckin old mahn i'm gonnie stab you haw haw" the man continues to walk on, unphased & the ned goes back to standing outside mcdonalds, taking swigs from the plastic bottle of cider. probably the most annoying things about neds is how ubiquitous they are, but they are creatures of habit, never venturing to new parks or streets to drink beer & smoke weed. it's just a case of knowing where they are = where you should avoid
if that didn't help, this video will:

(incase you didnt know, most neds are young boys, who eventually grow out of it. but you do get the occasional ned who's older than 15 & still thinks it's cool to tuck your trouers into your tube socks & sit at the back of the bus spitting & playing drum & bass from the mobile phone they stole)
but glasgow isn't all neds & graffiti. most of it is, but not all of it. glasgow can be pretty, especially at night when it's christmas, & all the christmas lights get put up. probably my favourite places in glasgow are the science museum (i'm a geek, so what?) the abc, it's the prettiest place for UCAP concerts, but the SECC is good too, kelvingrove & the botanics. they are the nicest parks. there's an art museum at kelvingrove if that's what you're into. i'm not, so i just go to the park whenever i go to kelvingrove. glasgow at christmas is the best though! every christmas me & my dad & my little brother usually go to that fancy shopping centre (it's more of a tube though. i think princes square?) and we'll sit listening to the carolers & laughing at all the rich people. we have fun. so don't be put off by the stupidity of little kids, visit glasgow. i feel like i should get paid for endorsement now...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


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facetious: describes me to a "T"

so pretty

buy me that & i'll be happy forever
or a week, at the least


somedays i'm all about triple blogging, or more.
generally those are the days that i'm by myself in my house & i have nothing to do.

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so i came to write this blog, & i got my notepad & i realized i had nothing to talk/write about. that sounds stupid, let me redeem myself: i have alot of random thoughs pop into my head everyday, like everyone else, but when i begin to think about one specific thing, i don't stop. so for my other alphabet blogs, i've got tons of ideas for what to talk about in my notepad. but this one's a 'cowboy', so i'll apologize now for the possible reckless nature of this blog


i love receiving e-mails, truthfully, who doesn't?
every single day since november when i got my ipod touch & i has the e-mail app (when my obsession began) the first thing i do every morning is check my e-mails, i actually look forward to it.
seriously, whenever i see the little envelope (e-mail button) on my google toolbar open up, my little face lights up!
horoscopes, e-mails saying i have comments/friend requests, the hallowed e-mails from twitter telling me i have new followers & the dreaded junk mail.
& even the rare e-mails from actual people!
i always get so excited by those ones haha, no one ever really e-mails me. i have an account on pretty much every single social networking site, so no need.
last summer i remember i'd go on my computer & e-mail my dad at work & i'd get so excited when i got an e-mail back.
it's kind of funny how much e-mail & the phrase 'you've got mail' now only really applies to electronic mail, not paper.
if i ever have a letter & my mum or someone goes 'rachael, you have mail' i'll be like '! why were you on my e-mail account?!' & the look of smugness over their face when they wave the envelope in my face & all i can do is cower in my corner.

oh well, i guess it's the 2000's. paper mail was so 20th century.

invisibility cloak



i totally forget to tell you about it!
but to be frank, it wasn't anything that can't be summed up in bullet points, so here: my trip to london, the 2 minute edition:
  • 5 hour train journey (both times) & watching old dvd's that i'd forgotten about
  • spluring at oxford street
  • going to the ripleys museum!
  • seeing the statue people at trafalga square & having no idea what they were doing
  • me & my brother silently laughing at american tourists behind us
  • seeing gringrotts & the school daniel radcliffe went to. before he was rich
  • going on the bus tours twice & the first time it was awful
  • going under & over several bridges & not being totally scared witless
  • keeping conversations in public to a minimum to avoid what i said to be tweeted by @i_heard. thats really a reflection of the time we live in
  • at euston going back to glasgow, once the platform number was announced, everyone from glasgow sprinted to the train to try & get a table seat
  • the toilet in the hotel room smelling like mcdonalds, & the room had wifi!

i took aaalot of pictures too, but they're on my photobucket account instead, which i'll post the link to somewhere. it's mainly pictures from the ripleys museum, but whatever, i enjoyed myself. but this was one of my favourites, it was our view from the hotel room. to be honest, the picture does no justice to how pretty it was at the time, but oh well

Monday, 17 August 2009


is for..

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today, the lucky 'thing i will blog about beginning with the letter d' is:

ever since i went to disney land paris when i was about 2 or 3 after my little brother was born (i was a jealous toddler, disney land was the compensation to the few months & coming years of neglect) i have loved it with an absolute passion, although i keep that to a minimum in public

i can still vividly remember standing in "sleeping beauty's castle" & seeing the spinning wheel, you know, the one that she touches on her 16th birthday or something (i think? my memory of disney princess details are scarce) and being absolutely petrified. then i was in a street dance with esmerelda & other gypsy's from 'the hunchback of notre dame' on the main street in the magic kingdom (and only kingdom at that point, i think. it was the 90's & extravagance was unexistent then)

in 2006 my family & i went to disney land orlando, which was amazing. although, it didn't begin like that...
as i'm sure you're aware, i use to live in dallas. but when i was 10 or 11, we moved back to scotland, where i am originally from (moved to dallas when i was 4 or 5. complicated, huh?)

so we still had visa/green card's from america stating that we were still residents, but we hadn't been there/my parents hadn't been working there for 2 years.

so before we landed, we signed those forms when you go to america saying if you are a resident/visitng & my mother & father knowing everything signed the vistor ones, disregarding the excellent point i made. WE HAVE GREEN CARDS, ALA WE ARE RESIDENTS.

so, a long story short, we got taken to a room with people who had forgotten their passports, had green cards taken off of them, etc. and thats what happened to us, we were revoked of our american residentiality. because my parents are soo smart.
AND the bus which was going to take us to disneyland left without us, so we had to hire a car and drive there, which was probably an advantage but whatever. at the time, saying i was annoyed & grumpy were gross understatements.

then we drove (well, my dad drove) to disneyland, missing the cut off several times, due to the heat & fatigue, we ended up at the resaturant/gallery thing for the sports resort & had to start all over again. we eventually found the hotel. at about 10 PM. (we left the airport around 6ish)
it took for-fucking-ever to sign in & then we had the most rushed "dinner" ever, found our room (heaving our cases up the awkwardly steep stairs) & crashed.
that first day was not, however, a reflection of the fortnight to come, and before we knew it, it was time to leave & by the end i had made something sure in my mind. BEST. VACATION. EVER.


what a load of sssh.. sugar.

if you didn't know, i use to go to a school called st columbas, but because it was like 60 years old & falling apart the council built a new school called st peter blah blah.
but if it was just our school going into the new one, that'd be cool. but it's another school in clydebank, ie, an amalgamation in a "super school"

to be fair, the school does look pretty impressive, & i am aware that drawing is an "artist impressions" but trust me, the school looks as good as that. i'll get an actual picture of said school as & when.

so, social struggles & adaptations + purple uniforms (did i mention the uniforms are purple?) + highers = 1 of 2 possibilities:

1. the school will be a massive success, everyone will mix & get along with one another, the uniforms won't be such an eye sore after we've wore them for a while, & i'll pass all my classes & get A's for my highers.

or 2. (the most realistic to me, at this moment) the school will be a failure, people from the 2 schools will stick to each like glue at st peters, the uniforms will still look just as horrible a year on & i'll fail all my classes. basically the total opposite of the first possibility.

but either way, i've actually had fun finding new school things. i love stationary more than you'll ever know, so i got pukka pads & binders & loads of pens & a planner & a lot more.
the uniform clothes i've gotten aren't half bad either, just the cardigan & the jumper that the school gave us, and the only cardigan/jumper we're allowed to wear whilst in the school.
but the skirts, shirts, pinford & dress trousers i've gotten are nice, so whatever.

possible the cherry on the whole "why i hate st peters" argument is that my little brother is beginning that school aswell. i'll be in 5th year & he'll be in 1st year. super

(i promise the other blogs i post after this one will be mildly interesting!)

Saturday, 1 August 2009


that last blog was garbage.
& some days i'm all about double, triple, quadruple blogging.

oh by the way; rabbits rabbits rabbits!
i seem to be the only person who says that at the beginning of a month as good luck. the looks i get when i greet people like that are priceless, to say the least.

anyways, july wasn't exactly the "barbaque summer" as promised, seeing as daunting, black rain clouds hung overhead for days, weeks even, which pretty much stopped alot of stuff happening. i spent a good part of july inside, watching old dvds, reading, tweeting. but i had fun. i guess.

i seen harry potter (3 times in the opening week)! it pretty much lived up to the hype. but 3 things i didnt like:

1. dumbledores disappointing death, which was the most un-anti-climax death ever.
2. the huge death eater fight at the end was cut. probably to save time but i'll still nit pick thank you very much.
& 3. harry potter in 3D wasn't quite as grand as portrayed. the only things in 3D was an advert for another film, the opening scene with the dementors & the 'muggle bridge' being taken down & another part that i've forgotten...

i'm going to london on the 3rd, so no doubt i'll come back & have one or two things to blog about.


don't judge becuase of the double post.
i'm very very bored today.

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while on the school trip to poland, we went to the czech republic. it was soso pretty. prague is a lovely place. a little too caught up in sex though. me & my friends walked into a touristy shop, brimming with the usual touristy things. but amongs all that we found shirts with various positions for sex, a dice which determined said position, etc. and the people running the shop were very very touchy feely. but all in all it was a good.