Saturday, 11 July 2009

poland 09

i know i've not properly spoke about poland yet, so i will now. not like a diary, just giving some memories. hopefully in order of what day they happened...

playing travel guess who in the airport, texting scotts house calling him everything under the sun, waiting in the airport for hours waiting for our coach, taking at least 3 hours to travel 12 miles away from warsaw airport, putting scotland flags up at the back of the bus & waving to all the polish people in the streets/in their cars & the first time we waved to polish people they just gave us the finger, swore at the bus & started to chase it, running over this big polish motor way a hundred times to get to mcdonalds & when niamh dropped her purse on the road & it got ran over.

not getting to our hotel until 4 in the morning, getting little to no sleep, me & niamhs horror at the warm milk, going on a trek down to the bottom of karpacz with maria & patricia so she could buy loads of postcards, buying a beer hat then everyone after that buying beer hats & insisting they began that 'trend', going on the tobboggan slide for the first time & me and maria kept slamming in to the guy infront of us, causing him to get out & swear at us in polish, when fraser fainted & got rushed to hospital, niamh locking me, emma, natasha & maria in a room & throwing the keys on a ledge.

going to the corpis christi mass & actually being frightened at how serious they took all of it, having davids 'huger strike' ruin us buying fizzy juice, but buying it anyways, wandering around germany trying to find people who spoke english, but giving up & following the boys, meeting carolo the pizza guy & he took me round to the other side of the counter & started taking pictures of me on his mobile phone.

i can't actually remember much more, but they were pretty much the main ones.

there's the "i forget/i don't get it" jokes about me, thanks to chaz, fraser & brian, when chaz threw a log at me & i stood yelling at him for like 10 minutes, going to the shrine of the black madonna & i began to cry at some of the pictures of jesus & the stations of the cross (which i'll post in a seperate blog), going on the ski lift with niamh, rebecca, chelsea, kirsty & erin, and waving to people going down, & when that didn't work we pretended to be animals & that got their attention, when i broke my bed in the 2nd hotel, seeing that guy in warsaw with a weird kkk hat on & a mask, and all of us being petrified, going on the other ski lift that was just 1 seat that kept moving & waving to every single person going down, & when we got to the top me & niamh felt ill so we fell asleep on a mountain top, when me & emma got what we thought to be chocolate sundaes, but were cherry sundaes, & making new friends.

roll on poland 2010

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