Saturday, 11 July 2009


this was pretty much the main road of the town we stayed in, karpacz. there's a live webcam feed of the town but i forget the link to it. it was so surreal there, it was like a toy town. some sort of dream. it was so lovely & quaint, a world away from what i consider normal

we went to czech republic one day & visited a castle. i have no idea what it was called, or where it was, but what i do know is that we were able to walk to prague from that castle, so it couldn't have been too far, right?

this was the view from the cable carts/ski lift thing & one of them conveniently in the middle of the picture. you could see for miles around & it was stunning

i'm sorry for the poor quality. the lighting in there wasn't the best, but this picture was the best quality out of all of them. all of those pictures made me feel overwhelmingly... i don't know, greatful in a way, of jesus, which made me think i may be agnostic? i don't know though. but as we worked our way around all the stations of the cross, i began to cry

we visited a world war 2 museum & that plane was an actual ww2 plane used by the polish. i took loads of pictures in there, but the lighting (once again) wasn't up to par. however, this picture:

made the biggest impact in the whole museum, for me. it's self-explanatory. i'd never really thought about ww2 from a non-british stance. the polish had it rough. there was pictures of the destruction ww2 done in warsaw, but not the best quality. that museum had graves for soilders aswell, weapons, etc. it was interesting

this is the square of where we were in warsaw (i don't know if this was the main square of warsaw, i'm assuming it isn't, but this is where we went shopping). it was lovely that day, as you can tell

this has been such a boring blog...

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