Friday, 10 July 2009

michael jackson

so all i've been hearing about recently is michael jackson.
i mean, the guy WAS the king of pop.
but its all you hear about everywhere.
michael jackson in the news, michael jackson on myspace, michael jackson on twitter.

and i know he was a huge influence on the music industry, but c'mon.
enough is enough.
his memorial service was days ago, the media needs to stop informing us of things that happened days ago.
its like being up to date isn't an option anymore.

the media are being verrry hypocritical with the entire way they went about reporting his death.
he was slandered completely over alligations of things he may or may not have done, but he is now being hailed.

people say to me "why are you sad michael jackson died? he was a pedo"
maybe so (personally, i don't think he is), but that is secondary to what he will be remembered for.

there, i've said my peace.

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