Saturday, 11 July 2009

harry potter

and the half blood prince comes out on wednesday :D

& i'm hopefully seeing it on friday
but definately next monday

i've started to read the 7th harry potter book again (i stopped half way through, so i must be the only person to not know who dies at the end. don't tell me!) & i'd already read this part before, but at the beginning when hagrid is flying harry to tonk's parents house & they get surrounded by death eaters & hedwig dies, i shed a tear. is that sad? yeah it's sad...

i'm so excited about the half blood prince coming out! when i was a mere slip of a lass, i use to get dressed up as a wizard to see the films & the launch dates for the books. it's not socially accepted when you're older though, so i stopped. but whenever i hear the music for harry potter, the 8 i year old inside me starts to scream & get all excited.
i really miss getting excited over stuff like that.
now, it takes a hell of a lot to make me even pay attention.

i remember on my 10th birthday i was upset that i didn't get a letter from professor oak inviting me down to his lab for a pikachu of my own (i was such a cool kid), but when i found out that i wasn't going to hogwarts on my 11th birthday because i got no letter inviting me there, i was devestated.

by the way, did you know that jamie waylett (who plays vincent crabbe in harry potter) got charged with growing cannabis plants?annd rupert grint (ron weasly) had swine flu.

and oh my gosh! i hadn't realised how different daniel radcliffe looks now!

look at him, all bright eyed & bushy tailed

is it wrong to say he's kinda hot now?
i feel like he's still just a 11 year old & i'm only 8

they grow up so darn fast...

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