Sunday, 19 July 2009


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i remember the good ol' days when i first became aware of "bloggers", & i would follow mememollys blog like a god (sometimes i still read it ), i'd sometimes look at paperlillies but she never really spoke about things that were interesting to me. the odd occasion i'd indulge in the online life of disneykid1.

then i moved on to more popular bloggers, perez hilton being a prime example.
but there's only so much bitching, name calling & general 'not niceness' one girl can take (and you'd assume being a girl i'd be able to stand alot of bitching)

so i was stuck between a rock & a hard place. no blogs interested me, but i still wanted to follow some. luckily, i now live in what is probably most commonly referred to as 'the internet generation'
anyways, i found on twitter there were people like me. who blog occasionally, wished they blogged more, but seem to have hit a 'wall', ie, writers block. since i had no blogs to call upon for inspiration, couldn't think of anything substantial to blog about. but twitter gave me a wonderful oppertunity to find blogs that i like. from scandal & gossip, to real life trials & tribulations, it seems i'd found a nice balance.

i'll read these blogs now:

if i find more blogs that i like i'll add them

i also like to laugh at some of the ludicrious texts picked up by (i know thats not a blog but whatever)

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