Sunday, 19 July 2009


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i remember the good ol' days when i first became aware of "bloggers", & i would follow mememollys blog like a god (sometimes i still read it ), i'd sometimes look at paperlillies but she never really spoke about things that were interesting to me. the odd occasion i'd indulge in the online life of disneykid1.

then i moved on to more popular bloggers, perez hilton being a prime example.
but there's only so much bitching, name calling & general 'not niceness' one girl can take (and you'd assume being a girl i'd be able to stand alot of bitching)

so i was stuck between a rock & a hard place. no blogs interested me, but i still wanted to follow some. luckily, i now live in what is probably most commonly referred to as 'the internet generation'
anyways, i found on twitter there were people like me. who blog occasionally, wished they blogged more, but seem to have hit a 'wall', ie, writers block. since i had no blogs to call upon for inspiration, couldn't think of anything substantial to blog about. but twitter gave me a wonderful oppertunity to find blogs that i like. from scandal & gossip, to real life trials & tribulations, it seems i'd found a nice balance.

i'll read these blogs now:

if i find more blogs that i like i'll add them

i also like to laugh at some of the ludicrious texts picked up by (i know thats not a blog but whatever)

Sunday, 12 July 2009


so instead of blogging about how nostalgic i am, or how tired & miserable i am, i'm going to do this; a blog from a-z. lets begin!

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i was laying in my bed last night, trying to think of something to write about with the letter a. & i settled on atheism.

i hadn't always been atheist. i come from a catholic family, so for like 13 years i lousily got forced to go to church. and since i now go to a catholic high school, it was mandatory to attend the special masses, whenever they were held. luckily my school are respectful of people who don't believe in god & they don't seem to have a problem with the non-believers silently being respectful. i don't know if it was more so out of laziness than a firm non-believing, but either way i stopped going to mass. in re (which was also mandatory) we learned about christianity, atheism, etc. which made me all the more sure i didn't believe in any of that. in fact, i would sometimes find myself getting annoyed at people who were devout catholics, insisting that they only have a faith, religion, whatever because they need some sort of "force", "supreme being" to blame things on. the death of a love one, for example, would be blamed on god. all the bad things that happen in their life were pinned soley on them. the good things were down to sheer luck.

but as you probably know, i went on a trip to poland. while we were travelling from one hotel to another, we visited the shrine of the black madonna, & we got to go to the top of this massive, beautiful church & look at the stations of the cross. now, before then, all the pictures i had seen of jesus carrying the cross had been angelic & holy, and jesus was happy to do it & smiling. these pictures were grusome & awful. it showed jesus struggling, bleeding, crying. for the first time i didn't see him as some imaginary, saint-like being, who never got anything wrong. i seen him as a person, with emotions & feelings. a person in an incredible amount of pain, who was dying to save us. it was overwhelming & i began to cry. at that point i began to question my atheism, & if i'm actually agnostic. i doubt highly that i am catholic, but agnostic is a possibility.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


this was pretty much the main road of the town we stayed in, karpacz. there's a live webcam feed of the town but i forget the link to it. it was so surreal there, it was like a toy town. some sort of dream. it was so lovely & quaint, a world away from what i consider normal

we went to czech republic one day & visited a castle. i have no idea what it was called, or where it was, but what i do know is that we were able to walk to prague from that castle, so it couldn't have been too far, right?

this was the view from the cable carts/ski lift thing & one of them conveniently in the middle of the picture. you could see for miles around & it was stunning

i'm sorry for the poor quality. the lighting in there wasn't the best, but this picture was the best quality out of all of them. all of those pictures made me feel overwhelmingly... i don't know, greatful in a way, of jesus, which made me think i may be agnostic? i don't know though. but as we worked our way around all the stations of the cross, i began to cry

we visited a world war 2 museum & that plane was an actual ww2 plane used by the polish. i took loads of pictures in there, but the lighting (once again) wasn't up to par. however, this picture:

made the biggest impact in the whole museum, for me. it's self-explanatory. i'd never really thought about ww2 from a non-british stance. the polish had it rough. there was pictures of the destruction ww2 done in warsaw, but not the best quality. that museum had graves for soilders aswell, weapons, etc. it was interesting

this is the square of where we were in warsaw (i don't know if this was the main square of warsaw, i'm assuming it isn't, but this is where we went shopping). it was lovely that day, as you can tell

this has been such a boring blog...

poland 09

i know i've not properly spoke about poland yet, so i will now. not like a diary, just giving some memories. hopefully in order of what day they happened...

playing travel guess who in the airport, texting scotts house calling him everything under the sun, waiting in the airport for hours waiting for our coach, taking at least 3 hours to travel 12 miles away from warsaw airport, putting scotland flags up at the back of the bus & waving to all the polish people in the streets/in their cars & the first time we waved to polish people they just gave us the finger, swore at the bus & started to chase it, running over this big polish motor way a hundred times to get to mcdonalds & when niamh dropped her purse on the road & it got ran over.

not getting to our hotel until 4 in the morning, getting little to no sleep, me & niamhs horror at the warm milk, going on a trek down to the bottom of karpacz with maria & patricia so she could buy loads of postcards, buying a beer hat then everyone after that buying beer hats & insisting they began that 'trend', going on the tobboggan slide for the first time & me and maria kept slamming in to the guy infront of us, causing him to get out & swear at us in polish, when fraser fainted & got rushed to hospital, niamh locking me, emma, natasha & maria in a room & throwing the keys on a ledge.

going to the corpis christi mass & actually being frightened at how serious they took all of it, having davids 'huger strike' ruin us buying fizzy juice, but buying it anyways, wandering around germany trying to find people who spoke english, but giving up & following the boys, meeting carolo the pizza guy & he took me round to the other side of the counter & started taking pictures of me on his mobile phone.

i can't actually remember much more, but they were pretty much the main ones.

there's the "i forget/i don't get it" jokes about me, thanks to chaz, fraser & brian, when chaz threw a log at me & i stood yelling at him for like 10 minutes, going to the shrine of the black madonna & i began to cry at some of the pictures of jesus & the stations of the cross (which i'll post in a seperate blog), going on the ski lift with niamh, rebecca, chelsea, kirsty & erin, and waving to people going down, & when that didn't work we pretended to be animals & that got their attention, when i broke my bed in the 2nd hotel, seeing that guy in warsaw with a weird kkk hat on & a mask, and all of us being petrified, going on the other ski lift that was just 1 seat that kept moving & waving to every single person going down, & when we got to the top me & niamh felt ill so we fell asleep on a mountain top, when me & emma got what we thought to be chocolate sundaes, but were cherry sundaes, & making new friends.

roll on poland 2010

harry potter

and the half blood prince comes out on wednesday :D

& i'm hopefully seeing it on friday
but definately next monday

i've started to read the 7th harry potter book again (i stopped half way through, so i must be the only person to not know who dies at the end. don't tell me!) & i'd already read this part before, but at the beginning when hagrid is flying harry to tonk's parents house & they get surrounded by death eaters & hedwig dies, i shed a tear. is that sad? yeah it's sad...

i'm so excited about the half blood prince coming out! when i was a mere slip of a lass, i use to get dressed up as a wizard to see the films & the launch dates for the books. it's not socially accepted when you're older though, so i stopped. but whenever i hear the music for harry potter, the 8 i year old inside me starts to scream & get all excited.
i really miss getting excited over stuff like that.
now, it takes a hell of a lot to make me even pay attention.

i remember on my 10th birthday i was upset that i didn't get a letter from professor oak inviting me down to his lab for a pikachu of my own (i was such a cool kid), but when i found out that i wasn't going to hogwarts on my 11th birthday because i got no letter inviting me there, i was devestated.

by the way, did you know that jamie waylett (who plays vincent crabbe in harry potter) got charged with growing cannabis plants?annd rupert grint (ron weasly) had swine flu.

and oh my gosh! i hadn't realised how different daniel radcliffe looks now!

look at him, all bright eyed & bushy tailed

is it wrong to say he's kinda hot now?
i feel like he's still just a 11 year old & i'm only 8

they grow up so darn fast...


june has been such a hectic month!

finished all my final exams, which was a huge relief.
results come on august 5th, so wish me good luck!
on the 9th of june i went to poland with my school, & i had so much fun!
all the people that went made it amazing.
i'd been so apprehensive about going, but in the end it was amazing.
got back the 18th, & ever since i've just been sort of hanging around pretty much.
our school shut down though, & is being replaced by a shiny new one.
i'll miss st columbas like fuck.
seen the hangover twice, & i now want to marry a man who looks just like bradley cooper.

the rest of july should be good aswell, slow start but whatever.

Friday, 10 July 2009

michael jackson

so all i've been hearing about recently is michael jackson.
i mean, the guy WAS the king of pop.
but its all you hear about everywhere.
michael jackson in the news, michael jackson on myspace, michael jackson on twitter.

and i know he was a huge influence on the music industry, but c'mon.
enough is enough.
his memorial service was days ago, the media needs to stop informing us of things that happened days ago.
its like being up to date isn't an option anymore.

the media are being verrry hypocritical with the entire way they went about reporting his death.
he was slandered completely over alligations of things he may or may not have done, but he is now being hailed.

people say to me "why are you sad michael jackson died? he was a pedo"
maybe so (personally, i don't think he is), but that is secondary to what he will be remembered for.

there, i've said my peace.