Sunday, 17 May 2009


whenever i see a picture of planet earth, or i'm watching a programme to do with space, the universe, etc. i always get really upset...

when i was younger, i was completely self-absorbed, and self-centered, and believed that the world revolved around me, and without me there would be no purpose for anything. obvioulsy everyone was like that when they were a child, but being like that, and believing that everyone is looking out for you, everyone is your friend, everyone and everything is hear for your own purpose, it was reassuring and comforting. it made you feel wanted

now that i'm older, obviously i have discovered this is not the case. not at all.
with or without you, the world will continue to spin, and life will go on.
people will get over you, and the impact you made on their lives. (unless it was like, huge, and you were their only friend or family or something, but stop poking holes in my point...)

in the scale of it all, i'm tiny and insignificant. my existance isn't special, or unique

seeing that my parents won't be their to hold my hand in the big, wide world is really daunting, and it scares me, to be honest. i want to back to the days where everything as all about me, everything was dropped for me, all their time and effort was spent on me...

i'm coming off very arrogant and egotistical, but that's how i feel about this.
thats not how i am though, if you get me?

i'm in a bad mood....

EDIT: have you ever noticed that like, 99% of all pictures of the earth are taken with north america at the front and being the only continent showing? hmm...

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