Saturday, 2 May 2009

i've not blogged in over 3 months

and i apologize for that, things have been very chaotic.
but i'm here now, right?

in scotland, we go to high school for 6 years, so that's like from 11 years old to 17 or 18 years old.
the first 2 years serve as an 'induction, if you will.
after that, you choose which subjects you want to continue doing, and you do them for 2 years.

i am at the end of my fourth year, all that is left are my end of year exams, which determine what classes i will be in for the next 2 years.

after sitting these looming exams (which are on all of may, might i add), we choose our higher classes. there is an overwhelming pressure to get into higher classes, as our grade in higher classes are the results which get sent to universities and colleges.

now, under normal circumstances i wouldn't be so bothered about sitting my 8 exams, but my school is joining with the other school in my town to form a "magnet" school.
to be fair, the new school looks good.
but i have concerns and anxieties which are deeper than superficial worries

for example, the majority of people at the other high school are very clever, so will most likely take up all higher class places, leavin pupils at my school to be disregarded and thrown aside.
also, i don't know many people at the other school, so perhaps, socially, it may be like my first year at high school again.

i am very aprehensive about the amalgamation.

i will miss my current school, even though it is in need of being knocked down.
it is a gross injustice how long my school has been left without a simple bit of paint.

yeah.. you've seen better, haven't you?

i will miss all my memories from the past 4 years, and i will be very upset to see my school being replaced by a fucking magnet school.
life blows.

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