Tuesday, 12 May 2009


im coming back to you, i promise..

i've sat 4/8 of my finals: admin, english, chemistry and music
it feels great that i will never have to go to chemistry again and sit through another mind numbing class of my teacher struggling to hold our attention while we would all rather gorge our eyes out..
and music, don't even start me on how much ALL the music teachers are out to get me, serioulsy, i said one word to myself in the exam and the dumb tall one was all "ZOMG NO TALKING, YEW MITE BE CHEETIN! YEW MITE HAVE YUR PAPUR CANCELLED!"
whatever, her bark is much worse than her bark..

but it feels weird, because i'll be doing highers now...
haha i'm just very hormonal, etc. at the moment

exams left to sit are:

french, on the 14th
maths, on the 21st
modern studies, on the 25th which is a bank holiday here, unfair? i know...
biology, on the 28th

then study leave ends on june the 8th, and then i'm off to poland for about a week and a half with the school, it should be good

oh, i got a twitter, doesn't everyone now a days?
so much social networking, so little time...


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