Sunday, 17 May 2009

double blog ;)

so yeah, i got tagged to do this...

(isnt that a killers song?)

anyways, i see the world as a ruthless place, where having vast amounts of money and material possesions will make you superficially content. a place that is in social and economical termoil, and it makes me wonder "how will the human race survive?"
i mean, obviously the world hasn't always been in economic harmony, and the current recession is the first time we have had to cut back on luxuries.
but it's the first time i've been effected (affected?) by this..

anyways, the world is always a very selfish place. you could be the nicest person ever, with a big, warm heart, but if you live on the streets, or have little money and little things, no one will care about you. it's all about $$$.

the world is also very unfair. i'm lucky that i've had a really.. unusual childhood (i was born in scotland, and we lived here until i was 4/5, then we moved to dallas, texas where i lived until i was 11 [i think] and then we moved back to scotland again).
where i lived in dallas was a toy town, to say the least. all the gardens were a brilliant shade of dark green, lawns were kept immaculate, houses were always clean and tidy, etc.
it was like a real life version of stepford wives, and it was as if all my neighbours were competing with each other in every aspect of their lives, eg, which home had a pool, who had the best christmas decerations, who had a bigger home, who had a better car, who earns the most money, etc. it was just ridiculious, but as i said before, if you made a large amount of money, had several luxury items, etc. then you were "liked". being a nice person just wasn't enough for those people..

anyways, yeah thats me..

so to recap:
the world is ruthless, selfish and unfair.

but the world can also be a wonderful place, if you have the right friends, and a good balance between becoming obsessed with your bank book, and being a lovely person.
some of the sights that can be seen on our planet are just amazing, to say the least..

okay, thats me now..

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