Thursday, 14 May 2009


had an awful day

firstly, i woke up really early, and went to bed really late, so i was totally exhausted during my french final..
did i mention i had a french final?
yes, i did. it was really hard...

secondly, one of my friends moaned at me and wants me to stop speaking to this boy that i've been talking to via IM and he's lovely.. so no, i won't be listening to you on that on

and thirdly, i picked up the wrong phone at the end of my exam and i had to hand in the other one..
but apparently my school called my house and said that it's been handed in, so thats good..

on the plus size, the weather has been nice today. not the clear skies i love, but it's quite warn, so that's good..
i'll be on twitter tonight ;)

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