Friday, 9 January 2009

the thrills

of recapturing your past are so exhilerating.

i've been totally caught up in school work, ETC. to even consider my weekly hour of nostaliga, so when I got back from school I pretty much stayed in my room, watching my favourite dvds from when I was 13 and laughing at pictures of me and my friends from summer and christmas, and yearbooks from elementary school.

so im just kinda in my room, sighing, feeling nostalgic, ETC.

we've only been at school since wednesday to ease everyone into the new year, but im already waiting for summer with bated breath.
hopefully it'll fucking hurry up..

i had so much homework for the new school term, ive no idea how I even made time during christmas to finish it all up. and i've gotten homework for pretty much all my subjects so far this year.

I mean seriously, i have been totally swamped for just 3 days and I barely coped, how will the rest of the school year be?

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