Thursday, 15 January 2009

currently listening to 'campfire kansas' by the get up kids

so all christmas holidays i swore that i'd find a really good scottish love poem for the poland trip in june, but i need it for tomorrow.
anyways, i'd always put it off and put it off, but i finally done it, cause apparently everyone else has there poem, song, etc apart from me.
but i have it now.

it was suprisingly more difficult than i'd anticipated, but then it hit me:

we're doing this presentation thingy to educate and inform the kids at the polish school, so why not read out some robert burns?

so i've got the words to "my luve" so im all set now. :)

also, I had to rebuy kingdom hearts II as i lost my original copy, and the game came today, and i've more or less kept to myself all afternoon playing kingdom hearts 2 being all nostalgic.

niamhs party is on saturday, woo!
january is such a bleak time, it's good having even the most insignificant event to look forward too.
but it's even more fun looking forward to a party, let alone one of niamhs party! :D

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