Saturday, 24 January 2009

rain rain go away

so if you haven't guessed where I live by now, guess..
that's right, scotland.
and from all the sterotypical tv shows you've seen about scotland, what's always happeing, weather wise?
right again, it rains. alot.
it's particularly worse now, as it's the middle if winter here, so it's something I just have to get use to I guess..

sorry I just felt about moaning about the rain haha.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

currently listening to 'campfire kansas' by the get up kids

so all christmas holidays i swore that i'd find a really good scottish love poem for the poland trip in june, but i need it for tomorrow.
anyways, i'd always put it off and put it off, but i finally done it, cause apparently everyone else has there poem, song, etc apart from me.
but i have it now.

it was suprisingly more difficult than i'd anticipated, but then it hit me:

we're doing this presentation thingy to educate and inform the kids at the polish school, so why not read out some robert burns?

so i've got the words to "my luve" so im all set now. :)

also, I had to rebuy kingdom hearts II as i lost my original copy, and the game came today, and i've more or less kept to myself all afternoon playing kingdom hearts 2 being all nostalgic.

niamhs party is on saturday, woo!
january is such a bleak time, it's good having even the most insignificant event to look forward too.
but it's even more fun looking forward to a party, let alone one of niamhs party! :D

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


i ordered a new pair of jeans off this website, but i later realized that they are closing down due to admin.
so i've more or less wasted my money on a pair of jeans that i'll never get.
i really badly needed them for saturday...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

i love

this boy

i swear, let me go on one date with aaron johnson, and i'll never ask for another thing in my life.

he's such a cutie, look at him!

he's in angus, thongs & perfect snogging, and in the film the band Stiff Dylans feature, and at one point they play "Ever fallen in love", and ooh la la.

the lead singer isn't bad. ;)

in the film robbie (aaron) plays bass in stiff dylans, and i was gutted he's not in the band, but whatever.
i'll still have him, rockstar or not. ;)

EDIT// anyone whos seen angus, thongs and perfect snogging:
dave the laugh is adorable aswell :)
i like, cried at the part when he walked georgia home and called her "gorgeous" and i was like, yelling at the screen "OMG SHE DOESNT LIKE YOU, SHES USING YOU!!!! *uncontrollable sobbing*"

Friday, 9 January 2009

the thrills

of recapturing your past are so exhilerating.

i've been totally caught up in school work, ETC. to even consider my weekly hour of nostaliga, so when I got back from school I pretty much stayed in my room, watching my favourite dvds from when I was 13 and laughing at pictures of me and my friends from summer and christmas, and yearbooks from elementary school.

so im just kinda in my room, sighing, feeling nostalgic, ETC.

we've only been at school since wednesday to ease everyone into the new year, but im already waiting for summer with bated breath.
hopefully it'll fucking hurry up..

i had so much homework for the new school term, ive no idea how I even made time during christmas to finish it all up. and i've gotten homework for pretty much all my subjects so far this year.

I mean seriously, i have been totally swamped for just 3 days and I barely coped, how will the rest of the school year be?

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


schools going back tomorrow.
and I get to see my "ex" and find out how shit I done in prelims 8-)
this'll be fun.


school goes back tomorrow and im totally not ready for getting back into a post-festive routine.

I felt weird yesterday/today(it feels like the fifth cause it's only ten to two AM)
like, I didn't go out cause I got up too late plus had my mobile off all morning, so I just sort of, done fuck all.
but I felt funny all day.
not in an ill way, in a..weird way.

Monday, 5 January 2009

i can't get comfortable

i've been lying in my bed for a good two hours, staring at the timetable on my ceiling, worrying about school.
but it's weird, because i ususally never get nervous about school.
i don't know if it's possible anxiety because i'll be receiving my prelim results shortly..
or if it's because i dated this guy for two days then broke up with him..
or because schools just shit.

anyways, i've felt totally unhealthy come post-festive season, since i'm not eating proper meals, i'm almost always busy so i don't eat at a set place/time etc. so i'm halfway through a detox diet. nothing but cranberry juice, water and organic fruit + vegetables for 48 hours. i already feel less bloated, so i'm pretty pleased with the results so far.