Thursday, 17 December 2009


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"When it comes to grace and subtlety, the R reigns supreme" apparently

i was going to talk about romeo & julliet for my 'r' blog, since it's one of my favourite films ever. but then i thought 'wait... r... rachael... et voila!' so i'll talk about myself for this blog. but then i remembered that i really suck at talking about myself, so i'll just answer questions about me instead (i know this blog is a cop out, so what?)

Do you have an iPod? What color?
i have an ipod touch in uhh.. silver? black?

Who is your favourite director?

What do you think of rap music?
actually sometimes rap music can be okay

What were the last 3 movies you watched?
the nightmare before christmas an hour or 2 ago
17 again
office space

Do you have a dial-up connection?
i don't, but if i did that would be awful!

Have you ever used a fountain pen?
yeah haha, but then i broke it

Do you have the AOL toolbar installed?

How about Google?
bingo. i also have the neopets toolbar, but no one needs to know about that one

Is your keyboard wireless?
nope, it's retro

How often do you go to concerts/gigs?
i use to go all the time, but now that i keep spending my money on nothing, i never get a chance to go. i seen placebo on the 14th though, it was amazing

Are you stereotypical? Don't lie.
honestly, yes

Jonas Brothers. Your thoughts?
the one with the curly hair is cute, and the one that was in camp rock more than the others was hot when he was acting like a dick

The color orange. Your thoughts?
it's pretty?

The saying, "Penny for your thoughts." Your thoughts?
i only recently understood what that saying meant!

Are you in a Starbucks with a laptop, releasing your inner nerd? I am.
i wish. i'm in my house

I believe that Graduation Tests are easy. Do you agree?
i wouldn't know, i've never taken one

Favorite school suply?
god. stationary, i love stationary. i love the sound that pencils make when you write with them. i know, i'm weird

Favorite bathroom essential?
apart from toilet paper, probably face masks and bubble bath

Have you ever been in a helicopter?
i haven't, but i'd love to!

Is someone close to you in the service?
fortunately, no

What is your age multiplied by 18 and divided by 5?
16 x 18 = 288 ÷ 5 = 57.6

That number backwards?

Have you ever been on a tourbus/RV?

Have you ever lived in a van for more than a week?
yuck, no

Have you ever camped out in your front yard?
haha i did when i lived in mckinney once

What is the farthest distance you've walked?
like 20 miles

10 miles?

like 1/2 a mile haha, i get bored running

i'm not sure, i more or less never sprint

Can you dance?

What is your best friend's name spelled backwards with "izzle" at the end?
i have more than one best friend! if i done that 'spell backwards with "izzle" at the end' thing it will only cause bother

Example: Mine is Ydnewizzle

Have you ever been to a REAL haunted house?
apparently it was haunted

To you think bats are scary?
not really

How about spiders?
yes! they're yucky, very very yucky

What is a fear you have that you're embarassed about?
um the dark is probably my most embarassing fear

Mario Bros.--Cool or outdated?
COOL! always

List the last 5 things you have 'googled':
obama health care reform key points
ice cream
kool aid man
i hate nick griffin because...

haha wow

Are you adopted?

Are/were you home schooled?
nah, public schools all the way

What is prophase 1?
no idea?

What age do you think is a good one to get married at?
hm.. early 20's? i don't know

How about have kids?
well i'm not sure if i want kids, so i really don't know

Do you know any homosexuals?
i do

MTV movie remakes: Good or bad?
i don't even know what that is haha

Old Disney? (Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy...the originals.)
old disney is better. does disney from like 2003 count as 'old' though? i loved that's so raven and kim possible and out of the box and pbj etc

New Disney? (High School Musical, Jonas Bros, Suite Life of Zack and Cody.)
actually, i quite like high school musical. but apart from that, new disney sucks

Oh my gosh, you're pregnant! What are you naming your baby girl?
i don't know

Oh yay, twins! The other is a boy. Name?
i suck at thinking up names!

What time is it going to be 6 hours from now?
12:42 am

Do you go by a 24 hour clock or 12 hour clock?
usually a 24 hour clock

Have you ever drank hard liquor?

Are you a sarcastic person?
yeah! it's awkward though when i'm sarcastic on the internet then people take me seriously...

Do you know how to grow a pumpkin?
i do not

Speaking of pumpkins...Have you carved one for Halloween?
yes! agessss ago!

Or were you lazy and instead used Sharpies or paint? (That's what I did.)
nah, i got a pumpkin carving set and stencils and everything!

Christianity: Your thoughts?
well i go to a catholic school, so christianity doesn't really bother me. what bothers me about it is the die-hards who take it upon themselves to preach to you that you're wrong in not believing etc.

Homophobia: Your thoughts?
i don't really have thoughts on homophobia, i'm not homophobic.

Are you a writer?
i wouldn't say so

What's your greatest talent?
probably gift of the gab haha

Are you addicted to any video games?
kingdom hearts & pokemon forever & ever & ever & ever & ever! sometimes tetris and pacman, sometimes the sims and animal crossing. it depends

Which ones?

Do you know how people get sex changes? It's pretty interesting...
i don't, but i want to find out now

Rainbows: Cool or uncool?
sooo cool
especially when you can see the full rainbow

How would your great-great-grandmother be?
sick probably
but she's dead

Is your grandmother on your paternal side alive?
none of my grandparents are alive

Are you a grandmother/father?

What is your favorite color mixed with red?
purple i think?

Any allergies?
does hayfever count?

What do you think of coffee?
i like it iced

Do you like chicken?
yuck, no
veggie ftw

How about sushi?
looove sushi

What do you think of Green Day?
i don't really like them

How about Stephen King?
he's okay

The Used?

Justin Timberlake?
love him /embarassment

How often do you brush your teeth?
twice a day ;)

Wash your hair?
every morning

Do you used exfoliating cleanser on your face?

Do you have acne?
i use to, but it's all gone now

Are you over 6 foot?
haha are you kidding?

Under 5 foot?
i'm 5' 2"

Do you look good in green?
i don't know

What color do you look best in?
either black or dark blue (i think it was described as "midnight blue"?)

How long in your middle toe on your right foot?
that doesn't make sense

Are you wearing socks?
yessss, thigh high black ones
(they're meant to be knee high but i'm short)

Are you procrastinating on something?
yep. 2 english essays, notes about american politics & notes about the nhs

How's school/work going?

Do you enjoy school/work?
not at all

Who are your last 5 texts from and what did they say?
my last 2 are from niamh saying - "fuck you man haha just in the taxi. what would i be in?ahaa" & "i'm going in x you coming in?"
and the other 3 are from stuart talking about snowboarding or something

What color are your ear/headphones?

Do you have Twitter?

Do you follow Obama on Twitter?
do i fuck

Who did you last speak to that was drunk/high?
paul yesterday. well i think he was drunk, hungover at least

If you could live in any era in history, which would it be and who would you be?
i would have lived to live in victorian times and wear those lovely dresses! or around the '50s in america and be sandy from grease ;)

Who's someone in your life who you absolutely despise and why?
hmm... there are a lot of people i despise to be honest. it doesn't take much to annoy me. probably the one annoying me most at the moment is a girl at my school who thinks she's everyones friend and god's gift to men

Has anyone (not just a lover) ever broken or even cracked your heart? What happened? How long ago? Still hurt?
probably the worst i've ever felt my heart "broken" was when i was seeing this boy last year, who i ended up with for a good year or so. he started doing cocaine, and i didn't want anything to do with him after that even though how i felt about him hadn't changed.
another time was hm.. 2007 i think? something happened with people i was, at the time, friends with which sparked this chain reaction of repression since i'd moved back from america to scotland. i don't want to talk about it though

If you could resolve either situation, how do you wish to resolve it?
i have no interest in resolving either. it would be pointless telling this girl that she's a skank, and i'm sort of glad for having the other thing happen, because without it i may have just repressed emotions further and things may have gotten out of hand

Which song are you listening to?
taste in men by placebo

What's cooler: Mini-Golf, Claw Games or Ferris Wheels?
i'm awful at mini-golf, i just smack the ball and watch it fly away. or i hit in in water and try to splash people. i love claw games when i win, but they are too addictive for me to play on a regular basis (the last time, i spotted a high school musical mickey mouse that i absoultely would have died without, and i spent at least over £20 trying to win it, with no avail). which leaves ferris wheels, which are cool anyways

i know this is verrrry long, and if you read all of this then pat yourself on the back

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

if i had £1 for every time i was asked today 'is it real?!'

i'd have enough to cover my body in placebo tattoos

oh, and for the record,

the quality of all the photos/videos are awful, and none of them will never do any justice in reiterating how fucking close i was to brian molko (2 rows from the barrier bi-atch). maybe i'll put more pictures from the concert onto my photobucket account though?

Sunday, 13 December 2009

QQQQQ (it should really be qu)

quavers, quorn, quilts, quality streets, queen of hearts, "quids", quentin tarintino, quiffs - i know it's a short list, you try coming up with a huge list of things you like beginning with q


and on an unrelated note, I'M SEEING PLACEBO TOMORROW yay


wow. i haven't blogged properly in ages. sorry about that, i won't bore you with the same reasons as always.

i always feel pretty nostalgic right about this time every single year, start thinking about all the stuff i said i'd do & didn't, start thinking about all the stupid stuff i've done, all the impulsive stuff, all the good stuff. i also get sort of upset because i don't really look forward to christmas as much as i use to. it's weird though, because only 3/4 years ago i was excited about christmas before it was even my birthday. i just put it down to growing up, but i don't feel anymore grown up.
when i was 11 years old and a first year at high school, i'd imagine being in 5th/6th year, and how much more responsible and clever and organised i'd be. but really, i've gotten worse. i've more or less given up on half of my subjects, my only real incentive to going into school is to talk to my schools and going out at the end of the day. i guess if i keep telling myself i'll start taking school seriously, the idea will sink in. hopefully. eventually

anyways, 2009. i think it's probably been the best/worst year (i want to say stardate instead of year!)
turning 16, for example. sure, you're technically an "adult" but people still don't see you as one. being charged an adult at the cinema doesn't mean you are one, having to pay full fare instead of half on a bus/train doesn't make you more grown up. all that's changed is that you don't have to be at school basically. and you can get a job. but let's be honest, at 16, employers aren't going to treat you fantastically, are they? low pay, long hours

see, whats weird about this year is that nothing really amazing happened. i went to poland for a week and a bit, went to london and blackpool a few times, went to parties, dated a few guys. i think what has made this year stick out more so than others is realizing that this time in 2 years, maybe even 1, things will be entirely different. more importantly, as cliched it is, i've realized who my real friends are and aren't. 2009 has been full of paranoia, tears, anger, shame, but also a good deal of accomplishment and happiness

my favourite things this year have been:
  • MUSIC! specifically the affinity i have created with smashing pumpkins, placebo, ke$sha and jay-z. weird, i know
  • while i was on exam leave in may/june, and me and my friend niamh would meet at like 11, buy food from the supermarket, sit by the canal and eat and bitch about people for hours and hours
  • drinking more than whats good for me, but the things i say while like that are less than desirable
  • becoming obsessed with films again
  • going to the cinema at silly times every weekend

there are several more things i didn't like than i did, so i'll just name a few, which are:

  • the unexplainable reasons as to why i am a bitch
  • meeting certain people
  • having to blurt out what i think 24/7

i also became obsessed with twitter this year, i do not know why. all i know is that i can't help but love it.

so now the 'noughties' are nearly at an end, i wonder what'll happen next decade...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


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(i found that 'p is for... pie' picture in my 'my pictures' folder and i couldn't resist using it!)

remember when you're like 6 or 7, and you're whole childhood is centered around something? like sports, or reading, or climbing trees? i was a video game girl, pokemon in particular. i know what you'll be thinking "ANOTHER teenage girl proclaiming her "undying love" for a child oriented game? boring." it isn't like that. i first really got "into" pokemon when i was 4 or 5 maybe, and my dad bought me a pink gameboy color and pokemon yellow from walmart. and even though he had to more or less play the entire game for me because i was rubbish at it, i still felt an affinty, if you will, with all those little pixels
i became more independant with pokemon silver/gold/crystal, (yes, i had all 3) completing silver & gold in an average of say... 6 months? but when nintendo remade s/g and crystal was formed, i was aaaaaall over it, finishing the entire game in probably a maximum of 6 days

oh sapphire, i love you so much. i can still remember going to gamestop at 9 am to pick up my pro ordered copy before everyone else to make sure i got a kyogre coin, then staying overnight at my friend natalee's house, playing ruby and sapphire literally all night. and suffering the concequences by falling asleep in the cheesecake factory
when diamond/pearl came out i was probably about 13, so i tried to act like i wasn't bothered about it's realse, but secrectly, it was killing me that i wouldn't get a limited edition dialga/palkia stylus. but my dad, once again, preordered diamond for me, i actually felt like i was going to cry with happiness. i didn't even need a week to finish, i finished half the game the first day i had it, and finished it a couple hours later

i absolutely adore pokemon, and you have no idea how pissed off i get when i hear people talking about loving it, despite only being able to name one pokemon, mainly pikachu. or talking about how they bought a packet of pokemon cards and there was a pikachu card there and "zOMG! pikachu is just soooo cute zOMG!" it's just awful haha. whenever someone starts a conversation like that, not even to my face, i get overwhelmed and have to yell randomly "YEAH WELL I HAVE 1000+ POKEMON CARDS AND 100+ FIGURES AND EVERY SINGLE GAME/(on all platforms apart from wii, cause i sold mine...) FILM/BOOK/EPISODE etc!!!"
the sad thing is that's actually the truth...

besides, everyone knows eevee, espeon and charmander are the cutest pokemon...

actually, all of the eeveelutions are adorable. except for lefeon, he freaks me out

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ha! 3 blogs! ha!

i was going to blog about this in my little update thingy, but i didn't

okay, so, if you use twitter ever a little bit (unless you just had you're head under a rock) you'll obviously know that miley cyrus deleted her twitter like.. a month ago. at the time, twitter was bombarded by sobbing, suicidal pre-teens, tweeting more or less the same pathetic plea "#mileycomeback OMG HOW COULD U DO THIS OMG OMG :'( :'("
if you had a £1 for all the people that tweeted begging miley to come back in the first hour, you could have bought her and forced her to open a new account. and on the same day i think (if you'll remember) twitter froze & it was a 'twitocalypse' and it was miley's fault, etc.
anyways, everyone calmed down a few days later, and life on twitter returned to normal.

well, except for the creater of the website ''
basically, the jist of their website is that miley deleting her twitter was "painfully shocking" and in their (i keep saying their because a gender isn't specified. i'm guessing it'a a girl, sorry) desperate attempt to almost blackmail miley cyrus into creating a new account, this psycho says that basically, if miley doesn't begin to tweet again (by november 16th i think) she's going to eat her cat.
personally, when i first read their website, i thought they were taking the piss. but then you scroll down and this... weirdo is being serious. it's really kind of creepy when you think about the people that would even joke about killing their cat because a singer deleted her account. she probably deleted it to try and avoid people doing this. anyways, you should check out the website. it's pretty messed up


somedays i love love love double blogging
especially when i feel obliged because the latest post in 2 weeks was about a politician... you know you're starting to get old when you actually understand & talk about politics...

anyways, in the past month or so:

my *cough* wonderful SE W910i broke. again. for like the fifth time. it has now sunk into my particularly thick skull that buying yet ANOTHER one would be a waste of time, i've gotten obsessed with party in the usa by miley cyrus & is this love by bob marley, i've wrote countless essays about american immigration & british health inequalities, i got a pair of harem pants about 6 months after they were "cool", i've made several lists of things i need/want for a trip to poland which is monthsssss away (i love making lists, shut up), i spent an entire 24 hours writing an 'animal farm' essay, i've realized how badly i need a job, i was probably the worst bumble bee ever for halloween & my proudest achievement, i got my friend tipsy <3


P.S. i really want a black DC hoodie, an HTC phone and every single pair of christian louboutin shoes


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orlando bloom. enough said

Thursday, 22 October 2009


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i'll say sorry now for the judgemental, rushed & angry blog.

okay, so i had a big plan about writing about napoleon dynamite, which is definately one of my favourite films, but i'm going to be a hypocrite & blog about nick griffin, the leader of the bnp. i really hate mixing religion/politics/my principles with the internet, you always end up offending someone, or someone strongly disagrees with you or whatever.

i've always been interested in politics & whats happening in the world, but i'd never been to protests or rallies, mainly because there are few in glasgow. i mean, i went to a anti-scientology one, but my feelings about scientology are for another day. but once i was in glasgow & there was this guy standing on a little stool, holding a megaphone & i honestly did feel bad for him, as his smile was obviously to cover up how embarrased & awkward he must have felt, because i'm assuming that the 100/200 people screaming abuse & chants at him can't have made him feel too homey. so this woman rushes up to me, hands me about 32984320 anti-bnp flyers & explains to me about how the bnp are more or less nazi's. so usually i'd have just ignored it & been quite content with the party i support, but that woman's obvious passionate hatred towars the bnp sparked an interest, so i looked them up & i really have to hand it to nick griffin, he really does have an amazing way with words. he sugar coats & complicates the truth so the ignorant & indecisive british swallow all of his bizarre opinions, which has gotten the bnp 2 seats in the european parliment.

reasons why i think nick griffin is a douche bag:
  • and a hypocrite. apparently he use to teach foreigners to speak english. huh, weird, because i heard he wants to make the fuck sure immigrants aren't allowed into britain
  • his psychotic views on the holocaust. yeah, didn't you know? apparently they never happened & the jews are conspiring against white british people. can words really describe how sick that is?
  • "The TV footage of dozens of gay demonstrators flaunting their perversions in front of the world's journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive." (1999 - writing for Spearhead) obviously saying that he finds gay people "repulsive" & doens't even refer to them as humans will win him many gay friends

about the whole question time thing, at first i really strongly believed that the tape shouldn't be shown, he shouldn't have even been asked on. (which i still stand by) but i've been thinking, he is a politician, so him & his party do have a right to (as much as it pains me to admit) be treated as such, even if what they believe is so ugly & paranoid it almost sounds fake. but the footage on the news of people protesting is pretty ridiculous, since he is a publically elected politician & we do live in a democracy. i think that the bbc will soundbite the fuck out of his appearance on question time, & he should be interviwed live for an hour by a brutal journalist. basically, my hatred of the bnp has overshadowed my principles now, if you support them i want nothing to do with you.

"So, what are we now doing with the British National Party? Well we tried to simplify its message in some ways and to make it a saleable message. So it's not white supremacy or racial civil war or anything like that, which is what we know in fact is going on, and we're not supremacists, we're white survivalists, even that frightens people. Four apple pie words, freedom, security, identity and democracy." (2001 - Speech to the American Friends of the BNP)

but seriously, if you didn't break down what he says, research about him, read some of the ludicrous things he's written/said (so basically if you are an ignorant prick) the bnp make an overwhelmingly persuasive argument. then you realise how ugly nick griffin is & how fucked in the head bnp members are

rant over

Monday, 19 October 2009


so if this post/any blogs after this one are rubbish, blame it on that. anyways...

MUSE! movies, milky ways, magazines, milk, MONEY, monkeys, melons, makeup, micky & minnie mouse, maroon 5 , marshmallows, mayday parade, monsters inc (best. movie. ever.) meryl streep, michael jackson, m&m's, MARIO!, monopoly, mxtube, milkshakes, my mummy :3


i absolutely love music. if my ipod was a human being i'd literally be head over heels

blackpool is pretty

blame my camera phone for the horrible quality

Thursday, 8 October 2009

updatez & what not

em, hi blog. let me begin by saying i'm sorry that all i've done recently is post a picture & a relevant title once in a while & still think that we're bff's. friends again? cool

things here have been weird. as i type these immortal words, i'm currently sniffling away in my bed, as i feel that an elephant has chewed me up & spat me out. it's a great feeling ... /sarcasm

so, things that have happened to me recently:

• i've taken 2 english nabs, one i pretty much shouldn't have taken cause i failed. failed bad. and the other was even harder than the first one so i don't see myself doing too great. but they're only practises nabs, so i've got until january to get the hang of them

• i've gotten obsessed with flashpops. they're literally just like ringpops, but guess where flashpops differ. guess

• incase you didn't know (or didn't realize in any of the pictures i've ever uploaded) my room use to be covered in posters. i say posters, cut outs of tour dates & stuff from nme actually... anyways, i don't know what posessed me, but i took them all down, & now i've just got up a couple big posters (a couple being around 15) my room looks naked

• it's my sixteenth birthday in november & i still have no idea what i'm doing for it. it's stressful (you know how ott girls go with this kind of stuff)

• i've recently realized how much i love tuna rolls/tuna pasta from my school, & how much i love making pretty mind maps

• swine flu has made an appearance into my life once more. a few people at my school apparently have it/had it & one of my friends may or may not have it. if i was catholic i'd pray for her, but instead i'll probably buy her some chocolate

• danny jones is the face of october in my mcfly calendar, which i was super excited about

• i seen toy story 3D, which was suprisingly good. it probably wasn't, but i'm a pixar girl. none of their movies are bad in my eyes

• i've finished reading animal farm, & boy. for a 100 or so page book, it was suprisingly hard to grasp. but the york notes really helped

• i've gotten super excited about poland 2010

• i've gotten obsessed with tons of songs, like: sorry sorry by super junior, undisclosed desires by muse, bump in the night by all starz (yeah i'm soo 2004) & pretty much every placebo song, in an attempt to learn all the words to all their songs by december

• i'm totally stumped on what i want to be for halloween. i originally intended to be a disney princess, but it seems girls today aren't interested in wearing clothes, or if they have to, they go for "as slutty as possible" so yeah. i'll think of something good like two days before halloween & be stuck with being a witch or something original like that ...

• i've been having weird dreams, including a dream about the apocolypse, a dream where i was pregnant & a dream where these two girls died & they haunted me wherever i went

• i've gotten through 3 sets of ear phones in about a fortnight. i'm a twirler

• i've cried at the exact same episode of 8 simple rules eleventy billion times

• i've realized that i NEEEED a job

• i'm still obsessed with twitter, & the internet in general. some things never change

next time i'm on my computer i'll carry on with the alphabet blog

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

toy story 3D was sooo good

a stranger! from the outside! oooooh

Monday, 28 September 2009

excited for toy story 3D!


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when i'm angry or upset, i make lemonade to calm down. go figure

Sunday, 27 September 2009

i'm in love with his voice

he's adorable


kites, kaleidoscopes, koi fish, kelloggs, kangaroo's, karaoke, kettles, koala, kelpies, kisses

p.s. i have 2 'things i love beginning with k' so you get 2 things i love in the one blog! exciting huh?


you know when you're a kid, & your whole childhood focuses around one thing? may it be sports, or reading, or cartoons. mine was nintendo. i loved nintendo, & i still do. that's why it was such a shock when i found that i actually liked a sony game. it started when i was at my friend natalee's house, who dabbled in & out of xbox & ps2 games (i'm saying dabbled like it was drugs and not video games)
i was in the middle of bragging about how i'd beaten the elite 4 for the millionth time (cause that's prestigious stuff to 9 year olds) when she whipped out kingdom hearts & beagn playing that. i was agast.

so i sat angrily on her bed while she stayed glued infront of the tv screen. then i heard the familiar voices of disney characters, & i couldn't help but not pry my eyes away from my GBA & take a peek at what she was doing. i think it was at that moment i began my affair with sony. at first it was just playing a half hour or so of kingdom hearts when i was at natalee's house. but when we moved back to scotland, i was in a game store & i seen a cheap ps2 + kingdom hearts. i felt awful, but i bumped the affair up a level. in the following days & weeks, i would spend all my spare time with sora, travelling to different worlds, fighting the heartless, & eventually, i battled my way to the end. it felt strange that i had completed a non-nintendo game, & had actually had fun. so soon after completeing it i was on amazon & i came across the second kingdom hearts game for like £5. once again, my relationship with sony was triumphant over my never ending love with nintendo. the second KH 2 arrived i played it constantly, until i reached the awkward stage of completion once more.

there's a KH game coming out in october, called 358/2 days. but it's kind of a sequel to chain of memories for GBA, which apparently was rubbish so i never bought it. but i think i'll have to if i want to understand half the things going on in 358/2 days. i know the gist of chain of memories, but whatever. it'll be fun playing a KH game that i haven't completed a billion times.

& number 2: i fucking love kool-aid

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


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i haven't wore a pair of jeans since february. shorts ftw ;)

Saturday, 12 September 2009


when i was finding the picture of the ice cream sundae for my 'i' blog i found this: ice cream sundae cupcakes! i swear if you buy me them i'll marry you!

(look at the cupcakes to the left; cookie monster! where the fuck is this place!?)

cunt is gay ;)

Sunday, 6 September 2009


i feel bad for not blogging properly in a while. that 'apology' one doesnt count haha, it was laaame

anyways, things i like beginning with the letter i:

ipods, igloos, icicles, ibex, ice storms (they exsist btw! when i lived in dallas we got ice storms to compensate for 0 snow), ibuprofen, ice age I, II & III & the real ice age of course, inner party system, idealism & being idealistic, ink, illusions, illusiveness, 'inny' belly buttons, iglu & hartly & imogean heap, ice cubes


i love ice cream! there was a period of time from about 2006 to about christmas 2008 where i was a vegan, & i took a quote right from the guy who was in the vegan hot dog eating contest with obama girl: "i don't eat things that cry". which is practically EVERYTHING. so no fish, chicken, burgers, cheese, milk etc. i basically ate pasta & fruit for 2 years. but every so often i just need some fucking ice cream. so i gave up & to celebrate had a huuuge baskin robbins sundae! it was the besttt

although the best ice cream i've ever had is from about.. 2004ish i think, we were moving back to scotland in august, so my mum was doing errands in mckinney one day & we went to baskin robbins. i don't think they do this in the uk (at least not where i live) but in the usa, there was always a 'flavour of the month' cleverly named to coincide with an event happening in that month, or a play on words of the month, or the season in which the month was in. anyways, it was july, & the flavour of the month was 'america's birthday cake' & it was THE best ice cream i've ever had. ever. it had pieces of a red white & blue cake, with sprinkles and cookie dough & the best vanilla ice cream, it was so good. especially with hot fudge sauce ;)
i'd probably kill to get a bowl full of that mother fucker again.

i'm coming back to you i swear!

apologies for the looong break from blogging. things have been crazy

lame reasons why i haven't been blogging:
  1. school's been back just over a fortnight, & i've had homework already. tragic, right? anyways, ever since school's went back i've been spending all my free time making mind maps & learning math techniques that will be of zero use in the real world. and not to forget catching up with sleep! i always forget how much sleep i lose during school terms, ending up in napping from 4 to 6, break for dinner, then 6:30 to like 11. my sleep pattern gets even more fucked up during school
  2. this is probably a good reason for why i should have blogged, but the past week i've been ill. heavy cold & a touch of food poisoning, so i was off school more or less all of last week. to be honest, i spent that time twiddling my fingers, bored out of my mind. but there was always something to do before blogging, and i am ashamed to say that blogging has been placed on the back burner.

anyways, i'm back now. however brief & shortlived that may be. but there's always twitter, right?

Saturday, 22 August 2009

this made my day

thanks lauren


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so if we speak in person, or on twitter, or whatever then you'll probably be aware that i'm a huge harry potter fan, so it can't come as much of a suprise that i'd speak about that for my 'h' blog.

(how young do they all look there? awww)
i can remember when we lived in my old house in dallas, my gran sent me a copy of harry potter & the philosophers stone & i completely judged that book by it's cover. i was about 6 or 7 at the time, if it wasn't a picture of a pony or a rainbow or a princess, then it was shit. but one night my dad came to read to me before bed & he'd read all my other books, & all that was left was harry potter, so i unhappily allowed him to read it to me, on the terms that if he read me some of the book & i didn't like it, he'd buy me beanie babies. what 6 year old girl would say no to that?! so he read me the first few chapters, & i was hooked. i remember i began to cry when he stopped & he read me a few more then i just fell asleep. so that's how my infatuation began. he'd read me the books & i'd listen, gripped on each word.

then the films came out. i can remember vaguely seeing the 1st one, but i definately remember going to see the second one. i'd been looking forward to it ever since i'd seen the first trailer, so me, my best friend & both our brothers & mum's booked to see the chamber of secrets at the first showing on the first day it was out at movies 14. i was so obsessed, i even dressed as a witch (from the pointy hat down to the cloak & cat) to see it, & i have dressed as such ever since to see all the films. i actually had my first crush on rupert grint, but a part of me liked tom felton aswell. but i felt like i was cheating on griffyndor. i still sort of like rupert more, but tom's still hot. anyways, remember the part in the chamber of secrets when ginny was posessed by tom riddle's diary & she writes on blood on the walls? that gave me nightmares for months. 8 year olds are impressionable, you know.

when the 5th book came out, i went to the book launch with my best friend & her family. that was such a good night! we hung out in barnes & noble for hours with "hagrid" & "hedwig", got our faces painted, got the boxes the order of the phoenix books came in, which we were soooo stoked about. then we got back to her house around about, 1-2 am, pitched a tent in her living room & read that book for a whole day. i can still remember being picked up by my family afterwards, going to the cheesecake factory & falling asleep on the chair.

the half blood prince was a pretty good film, possibly the best adaptation out of all the books. there was 2 main parts missing from the book i felt though, which i've probably blogged about before but will again: 1. dumbledore's seriously anticlimax death & 2. the missing fightscene from the end, & i think i had a 3rd but it's escaped me.

if you like harry potter, then you'll probably like potter puppet pals, i think this is their best video, check it out

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

tidy your room = play with transferable tattoo's

i don't know what's happened to me

but all of a sudden i've gotten right back into the swing of blogging. it feels good, after taking that loooong break. but my writers block has finally been cured! but as one "illness" (can writers block be described as an illness?) goes, another one soon follows pursuit, in the form of a sore stomach & hayfever. but i guess it's good to be ill now & not when school goes back, ruining first impressions

school goes back too soon, & to be honest, the first month or so of summer i couldn't wait. but those were the days when i had bad hayfever & just tweeted all day & read harry potter & watched harry potter & obsessed over harry potter, etc. but now that it's less than a week away & i have my uniform, chose my subjects, seen the school, my apprehension is overwhelming my excitement.
i suppose it's good & bad, although the good sides are only assumptions, like a good point is meeting new people & making new friends, i might not make new friends. it's unlikely i won't, but it could happen. one point i'm assuming most is that the boys from the school my school is joining with will be pretty & mature, not like the boys at my school currently. although there is one boy in particular i really, really don't want to see.... & one boy i really do want to see! well, two but they second one i only got a glance of, the first one i've known forever
bad points include not knowing where i'll be going for the first while & my brother will be at the school now. whatever, i'm being melodramatic. since i'm stuck inside all day with nothing to do i'll most likely blog again, but before i end, look how cute this bunny is!
(embedding was disabled)

while we're still on the topic of glasgow...

i thought this was hilarious, but only because i can understand what they're saying


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care to hazard a guess as to where i'll be blogging about today? if you haven't gotten it yet & you're from glasgow then shame on you, didn't the armadillo give it away? but that's right, i'm blogging about GLASGOW! the home of rachael, est 1993
if you're scottish/british, then you'll know that sterotypes & assumptions made by foreigners are more often than not way way off. for example, it's a british sterotype that we all drink tea & eat crumpets and scones. i do drink tea, but it's not poured out by the butler & brought along on a silver platter in the finest china. as for the crumpet thing, i've never had one.
a scottish sterotype is that we wear kilts all the time & we all have ginger hair & we all play the bagpipes and eat haggis. along me to clear this up: people only generally wear kilts at speical occasions. believe it or not, we wear normal clothes. from normal clothes shops. weird, huh?
people who have ginger hair in scotland (well, where i live at least) are almost discriminated against. it can be funny sometimes, ridiculous yet funny.
as for the bagpipes & haggis: bagpipes are only really played at folk concerts & sometimes special occasions, like st andrews day, although sometimes in glasgow people will busk with a bagpipe & wear a kilt, but it's probably for the tourists. and if you don't know what haggis is: it's sheeps intestine. so no, we don't all eat that. some people do obviously. i am not one of them. the look of it even through the packaging is revolting
we also have a strange breed of people in scotland, neds. if you don't know what they are, allow me to explain:

imagine a 12 year old boy, 4' 12", wearing a knock off "lacoste" tracksuit & matching trainers, with the bottom of his tracksuit tucked into his tube socks. he has the first initial of his name shaved into the back of his head & he has a bottle of buckfast (revolting cider) tucked into his trouers. not the pocket, in his trousers
a man walks past reading a newspaper. the ned see's the lack of interest the man has in him & takes that as an insult. the ned then goes up to the man & starts speaking in tounges, or so it seems. "haw haw haw mahn how old ir yoo mahn pure fuckin old mahn i'm gonnie stab you haw haw" the man continues to walk on, unphased & the ned goes back to standing outside mcdonalds, taking swigs from the plastic bottle of cider. probably the most annoying things about neds is how ubiquitous they are, but they are creatures of habit, never venturing to new parks or streets to drink beer & smoke weed. it's just a case of knowing where they are = where you should avoid
if that didn't help, this video will:

(incase you didnt know, most neds are young boys, who eventually grow out of it. but you do get the occasional ned who's older than 15 & still thinks it's cool to tuck your trouers into your tube socks & sit at the back of the bus spitting & playing drum & bass from the mobile phone they stole)
but glasgow isn't all neds & graffiti. most of it is, but not all of it. glasgow can be pretty, especially at night when it's christmas, & all the christmas lights get put up. probably my favourite places in glasgow are the science museum (i'm a geek, so what?) the abc, it's the prettiest place for UCAP concerts, but the SECC is good too, kelvingrove & the botanics. they are the nicest parks. there's an art museum at kelvingrove if that's what you're into. i'm not, so i just go to the park whenever i go to kelvingrove. glasgow at christmas is the best though! every christmas me & my dad & my little brother usually go to that fancy shopping centre (it's more of a tube though. i think princes square?) and we'll sit listening to the carolers & laughing at all the rich people. we have fun. so don't be put off by the stupidity of little kids, visit glasgow. i feel like i should get paid for endorsement now...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


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facetious: describes me to a "T"

so pretty

buy me that & i'll be happy forever
or a week, at the least


somedays i'm all about triple blogging, or more.
generally those are the days that i'm by myself in my house & i have nothing to do.

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so i came to write this blog, & i got my notepad & i realized i had nothing to talk/write about. that sounds stupid, let me redeem myself: i have alot of random thoughs pop into my head everyday, like everyone else, but when i begin to think about one specific thing, i don't stop. so for my other alphabet blogs, i've got tons of ideas for what to talk about in my notepad. but this one's a 'cowboy', so i'll apologize now for the possible reckless nature of this blog


i love receiving e-mails, truthfully, who doesn't?
every single day since november when i got my ipod touch & i has the e-mail app (when my obsession began) the first thing i do every morning is check my e-mails, i actually look forward to it.
seriously, whenever i see the little envelope (e-mail button) on my google toolbar open up, my little face lights up!
horoscopes, e-mails saying i have comments/friend requests, the hallowed e-mails from twitter telling me i have new followers & the dreaded junk mail.
& even the rare e-mails from actual people!
i always get so excited by those ones haha, no one ever really e-mails me. i have an account on pretty much every single social networking site, so no need.
last summer i remember i'd go on my computer & e-mail my dad at work & i'd get so excited when i got an e-mail back.
it's kind of funny how much e-mail & the phrase 'you've got mail' now only really applies to electronic mail, not paper.
if i ever have a letter & my mum or someone goes 'rachael, you have mail' i'll be like '! why were you on my e-mail account?!' & the look of smugness over their face when they wave the envelope in my face & all i can do is cower in my corner.

oh well, i guess it's the 2000's. paper mail was so 20th century.

invisibility cloak



i totally forget to tell you about it!
but to be frank, it wasn't anything that can't be summed up in bullet points, so here: my trip to london, the 2 minute edition:
  • 5 hour train journey (both times) & watching old dvd's that i'd forgotten about
  • spluring at oxford street
  • going to the ripleys museum!
  • seeing the statue people at trafalga square & having no idea what they were doing
  • me & my brother silently laughing at american tourists behind us
  • seeing gringrotts & the school daniel radcliffe went to. before he was rich
  • going on the bus tours twice & the first time it was awful
  • going under & over several bridges & not being totally scared witless
  • keeping conversations in public to a minimum to avoid what i said to be tweeted by @i_heard. thats really a reflection of the time we live in
  • at euston going back to glasgow, once the platform number was announced, everyone from glasgow sprinted to the train to try & get a table seat
  • the toilet in the hotel room smelling like mcdonalds, & the room had wifi!

i took aaalot of pictures too, but they're on my photobucket account instead, which i'll post the link to somewhere. it's mainly pictures from the ripleys museum, but whatever, i enjoyed myself. but this was one of my favourites, it was our view from the hotel room. to be honest, the picture does no justice to how pretty it was at the time, but oh well

Monday, 17 August 2009


is for..

dallas, ducks, dior, diaries, destinys child (the shame.. i guess it's better than dido), dogs, dasiy chains, diablo cody, domokun, daffy & donald duck, dolce & gabbana, dolphins, dinosaurs, debit cards, david arquetta, dracula, daniel baldwin and doughnuts (krispy kreme variety).

today, the lucky 'thing i will blog about beginning with the letter d' is:

ever since i went to disney land paris when i was about 2 or 3 after my little brother was born (i was a jealous toddler, disney land was the compensation to the few months & coming years of neglect) i have loved it with an absolute passion, although i keep that to a minimum in public

i can still vividly remember standing in "sleeping beauty's castle" & seeing the spinning wheel, you know, the one that she touches on her 16th birthday or something (i think? my memory of disney princess details are scarce) and being absolutely petrified. then i was in a street dance with esmerelda & other gypsy's from 'the hunchback of notre dame' on the main street in the magic kingdom (and only kingdom at that point, i think. it was the 90's & extravagance was unexistent then)

in 2006 my family & i went to disney land orlando, which was amazing. although, it didn't begin like that...
as i'm sure you're aware, i use to live in dallas. but when i was 10 or 11, we moved back to scotland, where i am originally from (moved to dallas when i was 4 or 5. complicated, huh?)

so we still had visa/green card's from america stating that we were still residents, but we hadn't been there/my parents hadn't been working there for 2 years.

so before we landed, we signed those forms when you go to america saying if you are a resident/visitng & my mother & father knowing everything signed the vistor ones, disregarding the excellent point i made. WE HAVE GREEN CARDS, ALA WE ARE RESIDENTS.

so, a long story short, we got taken to a room with people who had forgotten their passports, had green cards taken off of them, etc. and thats what happened to us, we were revoked of our american residentiality. because my parents are soo smart.
AND the bus which was going to take us to disneyland left without us, so we had to hire a car and drive there, which was probably an advantage but whatever. at the time, saying i was annoyed & grumpy were gross understatements.

then we drove (well, my dad drove) to disneyland, missing the cut off several times, due to the heat & fatigue, we ended up at the resaturant/gallery thing for the sports resort & had to start all over again. we eventually found the hotel. at about 10 PM. (we left the airport around 6ish)
it took for-fucking-ever to sign in & then we had the most rushed "dinner" ever, found our room (heaving our cases up the awkwardly steep stairs) & crashed.
that first day was not, however, a reflection of the fortnight to come, and before we knew it, it was time to leave & by the end i had made something sure in my mind. BEST. VACATION. EVER.


what a load of sssh.. sugar.

if you didn't know, i use to go to a school called st columbas, but because it was like 60 years old & falling apart the council built a new school called st peter blah blah.
but if it was just our school going into the new one, that'd be cool. but it's another school in clydebank, ie, an amalgamation in a "super school"

to be fair, the school does look pretty impressive, & i am aware that drawing is an "artist impressions" but trust me, the school looks as good as that. i'll get an actual picture of said school as & when.

so, social struggles & adaptations + purple uniforms (did i mention the uniforms are purple?) + highers = 1 of 2 possibilities:

1. the school will be a massive success, everyone will mix & get along with one another, the uniforms won't be such an eye sore after we've wore them for a while, & i'll pass all my classes & get A's for my highers.

or 2. (the most realistic to me, at this moment) the school will be a failure, people from the 2 schools will stick to each like glue at st peters, the uniforms will still look just as horrible a year on & i'll fail all my classes. basically the total opposite of the first possibility.

but either way, i've actually had fun finding new school things. i love stationary more than you'll ever know, so i got pukka pads & binders & loads of pens & a planner & a lot more.
the uniform clothes i've gotten aren't half bad either, just the cardigan & the jumper that the school gave us, and the only cardigan/jumper we're allowed to wear whilst in the school.
but the skirts, shirts, pinford & dress trousers i've gotten are nice, so whatever.

possible the cherry on the whole "why i hate st peters" argument is that my little brother is beginning that school aswell. i'll be in 5th year & he'll be in 1st year. super

(i promise the other blogs i post after this one will be mildly interesting!)

Saturday, 1 August 2009


that last blog was garbage.
& some days i'm all about double, triple, quadruple blogging.

oh by the way; rabbits rabbits rabbits!
i seem to be the only person who says that at the beginning of a month as good luck. the looks i get when i greet people like that are priceless, to say the least.

anyways, july wasn't exactly the "barbaque summer" as promised, seeing as daunting, black rain clouds hung overhead for days, weeks even, which pretty much stopped alot of stuff happening. i spent a good part of july inside, watching old dvds, reading, tweeting. but i had fun. i guess.

i seen harry potter (3 times in the opening week)! it pretty much lived up to the hype. but 3 things i didnt like:

1. dumbledores disappointing death, which was the most un-anti-climax death ever.
2. the huge death eater fight at the end was cut. probably to save time but i'll still nit pick thank you very much.
& 3. harry potter in 3D wasn't quite as grand as portrayed. the only things in 3D was an advert for another film, the opening scene with the dementors & the 'muggle bridge' being taken down & another part that i've forgotten...

i'm going to london on the 3rd, so no doubt i'll come back & have one or two things to blog about.


don't judge becuase of the double post.
i'm very very bored today.

caramel, closer, chewits (the sweets), chewit the rabbit, cameron house, @chubbyafro, coca-cola, chanel, camping, candles, cursive (i just had a flashback to 4th grade when i got my cursive lisence)

while on the school trip to poland, we went to the czech republic. it was soso pretty. prague is a lovely place. a little too caught up in sex though. me & my friends walked into a touristy shop, brimming with the usual touristy things. but amongs all that we found shirts with various positions for sex, a dice which determined said position, etc. and the people running the shop were very very touchy feely. but all in all it was a good.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


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i remember the good ol' days when i first became aware of "bloggers", & i would follow mememollys blog like a god (sometimes i still read it ), i'd sometimes look at paperlillies but she never really spoke about things that were interesting to me. the odd occasion i'd indulge in the online life of disneykid1.

then i moved on to more popular bloggers, perez hilton being a prime example.
but there's only so much bitching, name calling & general 'not niceness' one girl can take (and you'd assume being a girl i'd be able to stand alot of bitching)

so i was stuck between a rock & a hard place. no blogs interested me, but i still wanted to follow some. luckily, i now live in what is probably most commonly referred to as 'the internet generation'
anyways, i found on twitter there were people like me. who blog occasionally, wished they blogged more, but seem to have hit a 'wall', ie, writers block. since i had no blogs to call upon for inspiration, couldn't think of anything substantial to blog about. but twitter gave me a wonderful oppertunity to find blogs that i like. from scandal & gossip, to real life trials & tribulations, it seems i'd found a nice balance.

i'll read these blogs now:

if i find more blogs that i like i'll add them

i also like to laugh at some of the ludicrious texts picked up by (i know thats not a blog but whatever)

Sunday, 12 July 2009


so instead of blogging about how nostalgic i am, or how tired & miserable i am, i'm going to do this; a blog from a-z. lets begin!

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i was laying in my bed last night, trying to think of something to write about with the letter a. & i settled on atheism.

i hadn't always been atheist. i come from a catholic family, so for like 13 years i lousily got forced to go to church. and since i now go to a catholic high school, it was mandatory to attend the special masses, whenever they were held. luckily my school are respectful of people who don't believe in god & they don't seem to have a problem with the non-believers silently being respectful. i don't know if it was more so out of laziness than a firm non-believing, but either way i stopped going to mass. in re (which was also mandatory) we learned about christianity, atheism, etc. which made me all the more sure i didn't believe in any of that. in fact, i would sometimes find myself getting annoyed at people who were devout catholics, insisting that they only have a faith, religion, whatever because they need some sort of "force", "supreme being" to blame things on. the death of a love one, for example, would be blamed on god. all the bad things that happen in their life were pinned soley on them. the good things were down to sheer luck.

but as you probably know, i went on a trip to poland. while we were travelling from one hotel to another, we visited the shrine of the black madonna, & we got to go to the top of this massive, beautiful church & look at the stations of the cross. now, before then, all the pictures i had seen of jesus carrying the cross had been angelic & holy, and jesus was happy to do it & smiling. these pictures were grusome & awful. it showed jesus struggling, bleeding, crying. for the first time i didn't see him as some imaginary, saint-like being, who never got anything wrong. i seen him as a person, with emotions & feelings. a person in an incredible amount of pain, who was dying to save us. it was overwhelming & i began to cry. at that point i began to question my atheism, & if i'm actually agnostic. i doubt highly that i am catholic, but agnostic is a possibility.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


this was pretty much the main road of the town we stayed in, karpacz. there's a live webcam feed of the town but i forget the link to it. it was so surreal there, it was like a toy town. some sort of dream. it was so lovely & quaint, a world away from what i consider normal

we went to czech republic one day & visited a castle. i have no idea what it was called, or where it was, but what i do know is that we were able to walk to prague from that castle, so it couldn't have been too far, right?

this was the view from the cable carts/ski lift thing & one of them conveniently in the middle of the picture. you could see for miles around & it was stunning

i'm sorry for the poor quality. the lighting in there wasn't the best, but this picture was the best quality out of all of them. all of those pictures made me feel overwhelmingly... i don't know, greatful in a way, of jesus, which made me think i may be agnostic? i don't know though. but as we worked our way around all the stations of the cross, i began to cry

we visited a world war 2 museum & that plane was an actual ww2 plane used by the polish. i took loads of pictures in there, but the lighting (once again) wasn't up to par. however, this picture:

made the biggest impact in the whole museum, for me. it's self-explanatory. i'd never really thought about ww2 from a non-british stance. the polish had it rough. there was pictures of the destruction ww2 done in warsaw, but not the best quality. that museum had graves for soilders aswell, weapons, etc. it was interesting

this is the square of where we were in warsaw (i don't know if this was the main square of warsaw, i'm assuming it isn't, but this is where we went shopping). it was lovely that day, as you can tell

this has been such a boring blog...

poland 09

i know i've not properly spoke about poland yet, so i will now. not like a diary, just giving some memories. hopefully in order of what day they happened...

playing travel guess who in the airport, texting scotts house calling him everything under the sun, waiting in the airport for hours waiting for our coach, taking at least 3 hours to travel 12 miles away from warsaw airport, putting scotland flags up at the back of the bus & waving to all the polish people in the streets/in their cars & the first time we waved to polish people they just gave us the finger, swore at the bus & started to chase it, running over this big polish motor way a hundred times to get to mcdonalds & when niamh dropped her purse on the road & it got ran over.

not getting to our hotel until 4 in the morning, getting little to no sleep, me & niamhs horror at the warm milk, going on a trek down to the bottom of karpacz with maria & patricia so she could buy loads of postcards, buying a beer hat then everyone after that buying beer hats & insisting they began that 'trend', going on the tobboggan slide for the first time & me and maria kept slamming in to the guy infront of us, causing him to get out & swear at us in polish, when fraser fainted & got rushed to hospital, niamh locking me, emma, natasha & maria in a room & throwing the keys on a ledge.

going to the corpis christi mass & actually being frightened at how serious they took all of it, having davids 'huger strike' ruin us buying fizzy juice, but buying it anyways, wandering around germany trying to find people who spoke english, but giving up & following the boys, meeting carolo the pizza guy & he took me round to the other side of the counter & started taking pictures of me on his mobile phone.

i can't actually remember much more, but they were pretty much the main ones.

there's the "i forget/i don't get it" jokes about me, thanks to chaz, fraser & brian, when chaz threw a log at me & i stood yelling at him for like 10 minutes, going to the shrine of the black madonna & i began to cry at some of the pictures of jesus & the stations of the cross (which i'll post in a seperate blog), going on the ski lift with niamh, rebecca, chelsea, kirsty & erin, and waving to people going down, & when that didn't work we pretended to be animals & that got their attention, when i broke my bed in the 2nd hotel, seeing that guy in warsaw with a weird kkk hat on & a mask, and all of us being petrified, going on the other ski lift that was just 1 seat that kept moving & waving to every single person going down, & when we got to the top me & niamh felt ill so we fell asleep on a mountain top, when me & emma got what we thought to be chocolate sundaes, but were cherry sundaes, & making new friends.

roll on poland 2010

harry potter

and the half blood prince comes out on wednesday :D

& i'm hopefully seeing it on friday
but definately next monday

i've started to read the 7th harry potter book again (i stopped half way through, so i must be the only person to not know who dies at the end. don't tell me!) & i'd already read this part before, but at the beginning when hagrid is flying harry to tonk's parents house & they get surrounded by death eaters & hedwig dies, i shed a tear. is that sad? yeah it's sad...

i'm so excited about the half blood prince coming out! when i was a mere slip of a lass, i use to get dressed up as a wizard to see the films & the launch dates for the books. it's not socially accepted when you're older though, so i stopped. but whenever i hear the music for harry potter, the 8 i year old inside me starts to scream & get all excited.
i really miss getting excited over stuff like that.
now, it takes a hell of a lot to make me even pay attention.

i remember on my 10th birthday i was upset that i didn't get a letter from professor oak inviting me down to his lab for a pikachu of my own (i was such a cool kid), but when i found out that i wasn't going to hogwarts on my 11th birthday because i got no letter inviting me there, i was devestated.

by the way, did you know that jamie waylett (who plays vincent crabbe in harry potter) got charged with growing cannabis plants?annd rupert grint (ron weasly) had swine flu.

and oh my gosh! i hadn't realised how different daniel radcliffe looks now!

look at him, all bright eyed & bushy tailed

is it wrong to say he's kinda hot now?
i feel like he's still just a 11 year old & i'm only 8

they grow up so darn fast...