Wednesday, 31 December 2008

hard to believe

that this time in roughly twenty two hours, it'll be 2009.
good fucking ridence that 2008 is pretty much over.
even though I've met alot of amazing people, the begining of this year consisted of several hospital appointments and large quantities of medicine.
but things picked up in juneish, and I haven't looked back since.
I hope 2009 brings better memories.

oh, but I found out that one of my elderly neighbours has died.
I was so shocked by that, whenever I seen her she portrayed herself as a strong, healthy character.
it's bizarre imagining that she's gone.
I mean, I wasn't particulalrly close with her.
i'm just in one if those reflective, nostalgic moods.

anyways, tomorrow (technically, this evening. let's not split hairs) should be alot of fun :')
my family is going to stay with another family that my parents know very very well, and I think two other families or so are coming too, and we always always always have a good time!
we've kept that little tradition up for the past four years or so, it's a laugh going there. :')

god, I'm so tired..
I got my hair dyed brown today :')

it's a biiigg change from red, it's weird.
I can barely bring myself to glance at my own reflection in fear of getting a glimpse of my new hair.
it'll grow on me though, but I suppose it'll have to..

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