Saturday, 1 November 2008


iIve been up since 6AM to be on neopets for a dumb sidebar that I'd wanted ever since I heard about it, which was yesterday.
Then I finally got it, and I got so hyped up on the chat boards about this dumb sidebar, I was deadly disappointed to realize it was just like the yellow default sidebar, but with a picture of a spider.
Or, as they call it, a 'spyder'.
So now, I'm sitting on my computer, contaimplating what to do.
Go back to bed, though I'm not tired.
Or stay on the computer and do nothing.

I'll talk about yesterday though, because I loved yesterday ♥
I went over to my friend Lauren's house to trick-or-treat, and I met another two of her friends, they're both lovely.
And I just had a really great time last night.
Soooo yeah. I think I'll go back to bed..

EDIT:// I didn't go back to bed, I watched all the CWC videos + stayed up eating my halloween sweeties. Somehow, plastic spider rings, apples, monkey nuts and funsized mars bars don't excite me how they use to..

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