Sunday, 30 November 2008

worst. weekend. ever.

FRIDAY: After blogging eariler on Friday afternoon, I thought I'd maybe jynxed my bad luck and something exciting would happen. No such luck. My ipod touch crashed, and I spent a good 3 hours rebooting my computer, installing itunes 8.2, moving all my music, photos + videos back on my ipod, ETC. I then went on to fall asleep at 10PM. On a Friday night. After a day of COMPUTERCOMPUTERCOMPUTERCOMPUTER and studying. I just crashed on the sheets, and woke up the next morning.

SATURDAY: Everyone was out by the time I woke up, which was only 11AM. And they wouldn't be back until 5PM. I thought that was great, a whole day to myself. Until I get a phone call from my mum, explaining that she ran into one of her friends, and they'd arranged dinner with our family, and her family, so I then had to move my remaining files onto my ipod, finish up a modern studies essay, shower, and meet everyone for dinner at 6:30PM, and it was already 3. So yeah, yesterday was pretty rushed. I always don't particularly get along with that one friend of my mum's. She's extremely judgemental you see, maybe more so than me. The convorsation always seems to land on me, my pale skin, my "weird hair", my poor maths + chemistry grades, my choice in meal, my taste in music, fashion, TV, film, ETC. I generally try to avoid people like this, and just get on with it, but I just snapped and ended up making an extremely uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone else, which I downright refused to apologize for. So Sunday was already off to a bad start.

SUNDAY: Meh, maybe one of the best days, due to me buying new make-up, + hairspray, mosse, shampoo, bodyspray, ETC. Plus I got to wear my new UGG's, so that was pretty fun. December'll pretty much follow suite to the end of November, if not worse.


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