Sunday, 9 November 2008

uh oh.

So I was really bored this evening, & I was flicking through channels when something on ITV caught me eye.
I watch until the ad's when I was about to change the channel again, until I heard "blah blah blah sponsors Britannia High."
& my face literally went. "O:"
Alot of people have described Britannia High as the ITV/British version of HSM, which I abosolutely loathe, and I was so suprised (and a touch disappointed) to find myself drawn into the plot and story going on in BH.
It's nothing like HSM, it's not plastic and showy and fake and Disney.
It's so much more real-life and deep that HSM.
And when Jeremy performs that song for his Dad to persuade him to let him stay at BH, and his dad was totally unphased, I felt myself well up.

I've been totally exhausted today though.
I was at a bonfire party last night, and it was so much fun.
The last hour was shit, but it's just a blip that I'll choose to forget.
I feel like I hadn't been out of my bedroom in ages, as I've been frantically cramming for December prelims.

I've also been quite the social butterfly at school too.
I joined the school magazine with Lauren and Rebecca, and I also signed up for a trip to Poland this June with Niamh and Natasha. So yeah, I'm pretty pleased with myself.
I can hardly wait until June, it'll be alot alot alot alot alot of fun. :D!

It's also my birthday in 4 days. ZOMG.
15 finally. :3

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