Tuesday, 11 November 2008

two days left until..

Maaah birthdaaaay!! :D
I've been looking forward to this day for so long, I'll be so displeased if coinfetti isn't dispurced everywhere I go, and a barber shop cortet don't follow me around singing back what I said to the one I'm speaking to.
Is it strange I've always been a fan of barber shop cortets?

If you live in Britain, or in a Common-Wealth country, you'll know it was Rememberance Day today.
I've read several blogs about "The total stupidity of Rememberance Day, because everyone who died in WW1/WW2 is still dead, and keeping quiet for 2 minutes won't bring them back."
Maybe so, but it's just courteous, and respectful. I'm assuming none of these people have heard the phrase "They gave their tomorrow for our today".
Is it so unbearable to stay silent for 2 minutes?

So anyways, I'm just sitting at my computer now, listening to lots of playlists that have been collecting virtual dust, and it's sort of cool/strange how I sub-counciously know all the words to the songs. I feel like a second year again.. *sigh*

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