Saturday, 1 November 2008


I've been holding in my frustration about this for a long long time, but now I'll share it with the world.
Lucky you, eh?

Okay, I use to have some friends who were all "emo/scene/sxc/hardcorrre", and they were obsessed with Pokemon. But it wasn't the TCG, the video game, the videos, the books, the comics, nothing.
It was the theme tune, and they prided theirselves on knowing all the words to the pokerap, because they stayed in for a whole week and learned it.
That's just a touch pathetic, wouldn't you agree?
But then I find out they only like pokemon because it's deemed "cool".
Then they all lost my respect at once.
Unlike I, who has been an avid pokemon player for a good 10 years.
I've got every single pokemon video game for GC, GBC/GBA/DS, Wii, N64, ETC, I've got about 90% of the comics, I've got over 1,000 pokemon cards, I have every movie on DVD, most episodes on VHS, and about 20 on DVD, about 15 pokemon cuddly toys, and a pokemotion. The pokemon christmas edition annuals just suck, and I'm embarrassed of them, and I just hate it when people who have like, one pokemon game, and have the theme tune to the original show on their mp3 player call theirself a pokemon fan, and say they love Johto, and they want to live their, and they make their myspace background a fucking pokeball, and call theirself a 'total big pokemon fan yoooooooo'
It's pathetic, get over yourself.
Okay. I'm done.

EDIT:// I'm reading this a few hours after publishing this, and I want to say that I'm not trying to show off by telling you about all my pokemon merch.
I'm merely proving my point that people who have played, Pokemon Diamon, for example, once, beaten it, and then start calling theirself a true pokemon fan, it's not on.
And NEVER put the theme tune for pokemon on your mp3 player.
Except if it's the theme from when Ash was in the Orange Islands.
Ahh, sweet nostalgia..

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