Wednesday, 26 November 2008

i feel like a stranger to blogger..

anyways, i seen mcfly last night.
definately one of THE BEST concerts i've ever been to, and next time they play in Glasgow, i'm getting a seat right down the front so danny jones can throw his used towels and spit at me.
what i probably loved more than the actual concert was the buzz i got from it when i got home;
and drinking coke in my bed at 1 in the morning, listening to mcfly on my ipod touch. ♥

i'm also desperately trying to find an mp3 of 'Reemer - head in the clouds', so if you have one, then please please please let me know!

EDIT:// After much siving through google, frostwire, iTunes, and youtube, I realized why I was having such a fucking hard time trying to find an mp3 of that Reemer song.
It hasn't been recorded yet.
So I'm just waiting now. For an mp3 to come out..
In the mean-time though, me and lauren are going to see Reember play when they come to king tut's.
Because we love music like that♥♥
+ Partially because Lauren's cool.

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