Friday, 17 October 2008

dear world,

I apoligize for my inactiveness on blogger, and the internet in general.
It has been very selfish of me.
Anyways, since i've not blogged every day this week, i'll just recap everything that's happened:

1. I watched my recording of the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Simon Amstell got a hair cut. Ew. He looks like Peter Pan now, no joke.
2. My tickets for a concert I'm going to with my friend Lauren arrived on Monday, and I was deleriously happy. :)
3. My cell phone is still away being repaired, so I'm begining week 3 with the replacement phone from hell. It suck's, it's literally considered an antique.
4. I got my hair dyed again. I'm not too keen on it though.
5. I've been off school this week, and I've done little to no homework whatsoever.
6. Next week I'm off schol agaaain, for work experience.
7. It'll be a bitch.

You didn't miss much.
I promise to blog more next week.

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