Sunday, 26 October 2008

waaahhh :'(

I can't believe work experience is over already, it was the fastest week of my life.
And now, it's back to school as normal.
And studying. And exams.

I'll miss everyone at St Marys, buts a few in particular are, Kia, Marissa, Nathan, Rachel, Jenna, Ellise, Monica, Michael, Hayleigh, Dean, Daniel, Emma, Amy, Lyall, Martin, Liam, Sean, Scott, Katie, Gary, Alan and everyone at the breakfast club.

God, I'll miss all of you so much.

On a brighter note, me and Lauren are helping at their little disco on Monday, and she came over yesterday too. We talked for about 4 hours straight, then took all these pictures together and had a laugh. Then today me and Anthony made chocolate apples. ♥♥♥

I think I'll die if I see anyone wearing a michael myers mask.

EDIT:// The chocolate candy apples were lovely, and I literally just got a text from t-mobile saying my cell phone is fixed!! :DDD ♥

Friday, 17 October 2008

well well

I think I look rather fetching with glasses, wouldn't you agree?
Even if my hand is grotesquely large.

dear world,

I apoligize for my inactiveness on blogger, and the internet in general.
It has been very selfish of me.
Anyways, since i've not blogged every day this week, i'll just recap everything that's happened:

1. I watched my recording of the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Simon Amstell got a hair cut. Ew. He looks like Peter Pan now, no joke.
2. My tickets for a concert I'm going to with my friend Lauren arrived on Monday, and I was deleriously happy. :)
3. My cell phone is still away being repaired, so I'm begining week 3 with the replacement phone from hell. It suck's, it's literally considered an antique.
4. I got my hair dyed again. I'm not too keen on it though.
5. I've been off school this week, and I've done little to no homework whatsoever.
6. Next week I'm off schol agaaain, for work experience.
7. It'll be a bitch.

You didn't miss much.
I promise to blog more next week.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

"this is the most important year of your life"

I've been told this by every single of my teachers this past week, due to the fact prelims are in about.. 2 months?
I should probably be studying instead of vegging out in front of the computer.
I know that they're all telling the truth, and it's not suppose to be patronizing.
But I don't know.. I guess it's hard to accept that things at school are now getting serious..

On a lighter note, I ordered my tickets for McFly! ♥♥♥
I lovvee Danny Jones, I'd marry him instantly.
I'm going to see them with Lauren, and it's about a month away.
I'm looking forward to it alot. :)