Friday, 26 September 2008

whats shaking baaaby?

Hiyaaa. :)
Things have been really weird lately haha.
Finding Nemo on Ice was lovely, it was so cute. I got a nemo mug + hat. :3
There adorable, grossly over-priced, but cute nonetheless.

That's only really been the highlight of the past fortnight, I've had a cold *sniffles* & my little group of friends at school has finally found peace.

We went to a school dance for the Polish kids who were visting our school, and we all just seemed to make friends with this group of girls we didn't get on with, things have been nice, less bitchiness and two faced people.

I've also been contemplating about what to do tonight..
Study, watch Ugly Betty and eat ice-cream, or make caramel apples at my friends house..

I'll let you know what I deciede. :3

EDIT: I stayed home and watched Ugly Betty while stuffing myself with strawberry ice-cream.. don't jude me.
EDIT: It seems I can't spell. JUDGE********

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