Sunday, 14 September 2008

dear body..

Dear body,

I'm sorry that you're so small, and that you get bumped and bruised alot due to me being 'vertically challenged'. I'm sure one day I'll grow out of my clumsyness, and you'll start to grow.

Dear face,

Sometimes, I really hate you. Especially because you're so pale, so I can't wear heavy eyeliner, nor can I have dark hair colours. But, I quite like the fact that you're not prone to spots, so thank you.

Dear hair,

PLEASE GROW!! I apologize that I have bleached and dyed you so much, and that sometimes I forget that I use to be blonde. I'm also sorry that I've straightened you ever day for the past 3 years, I'll stop soon, I promise. [/lie]

Dear eyes,

I'm sorry that you've seen some pretty unplesant things while with me, but if it wasn't for you, I would've missed some pretty spectacular sights. I'm also sorry for the amount of eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara that I put on you, and I'm sorry that everytime I attempt to wear liquid eyeliner, more goes into my eye than around it.

Dear nose,

Oh nose. I love you, but I wish you weren't so pointy and big. But I'll never change you. I'm glad I have you, except when you're all blocked up though. Then I really hate you.

Dear mouth,

I wish you weren't so small, but I'm happy that my lips aren't thin. I'm also glad that my teeth have never been subjected to much of a check-up from the dentist, as I've never needed a filling, or teeth to be extracted.

Dear ears,

I'm sorry that you're always hidden behind my hair, but you really come in useful, and I'm proud to say that I've never gotten you pierced.

Dear hands + arms,

I wish you were bigger hands, since you're so small. I also wish you were slightly longer arms, since you're very small and I find it difficult trying to get my arms all the way around someone when I'm giving them a hug. I also wish that my right wrist wasn't so weak after that time I broke it when I tripped up a flight of stairs.

Dear stomach,

I'm very sorry about all the rubbish I put into you, and I swear that it will stop. I'm also sorry that I tend to neglect you, belly button.

Dear legs, knees + ankles,

I rely on you the most, since you're the reason I get everywhere. I'm sorry about the glass ankles. I'll be more careful.

Dear feet,

I really don't like you. No, really. But I suppose I have to put up with you, seeing as you're here to stay. I guess you're not so bad.


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